Doctor Who Series 9: Who Are The Hybrids And What Does It All Mean?

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Who are the suspects and what does it mean for the Doctor?

Osgood Doctor Who

Doctor Who series nine is almost at the end; we?ve had the return of Missy, Davros, Osgood, a Zygon invasion, ghoists stalking an under water base, Viking versus aliens and highwaymen. Many are arguing that series nine ? or 35 for the purists ? is the best series in years and with moments like the Doctor?s speech to Zygella in The Zygon Inversion it is not a comment that can be easily disputed.

Like all series since Doctor Who returned to our screens in 2005, there is a theme. This time it is the prophecy of the hybrid. Davros referred to the Gallifreyan legend in The Witch?s Familiar, suggesting that this might have been the primary reason the Doctor fled his home planet all the years ago. Since then we have been introduced to various incarnations of a hybrid in new and unexpected ways.

But what does it all mean and what is it leading to? The series finale Hell Bent should deliver all the answers on December the 5th but in the meantime, let?s look at all the potential hybrid suspects ? and consider some alternatives from stories past and try to get inside the head of Steven Moffat. Plenty of speculation and no answers guaranteed!

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