Don?t leave it too late ? Lacoste LT12 Collection

Posted on Apr 10, 2015

imageIts fair to say Rene Lacoste was somewhat of a renaissance man, after having invented the polo shirt and the tennis-ball machine, who knew that, see you learn so much from coming on here, he decided to patent two racket models that would revolutionize the world of tennis. In 1961, the former champion unveils one of his most brilliant inventions: the metal racket that deeply transforms the game by improving strikes and increasing their elasticity. In 1988, René Lacoste invents the Equijet. This new style of racket combines the best of smaller and larger string beds. Like its predecessor, the steel racket, the high-performance Equijet contributes to the evolution of tennis. René Lacoste explains his intention with the Equijet: ?I wanted to give back to tennis what it had given me?. It was a beautiful tribute paid to the sport to which he devoted his whole life. In 2015, animated by the same quest for innovation, LACOSTE launches the LT12, a hybrid racket born from the combination of wood and graphite.

imageThree years of research were necessary for the development of this unique object. By combining craftsmanship and sophisticated manufacturing, LACOSTE managed a technical prowess by assem- bling two completely opposite materials: the LT12 is 70% wood and 30% graphite.

To accompany the launch of the LT12, LACOSTE has designed an innovative capsule range combining tradition and technology. Petit piqué, color blocking, piping, patterns? the well-known features of the brand DNA are revisited and modernized for a timeless elegance collection. Inspired by tennis? primary aesthetics: the prevalence of white, clean lines and sleek shapes. The iconic LACOSTE green and blue come in for energy and movement. Lightness, functionality and comfort are the key words in the design of this range that combines tradition and innovation. The abstract print of the T-shirts is reminiscent of tennis courts, which is a reference to the 1970s and 1980s color blocking. Piping highlights polo shirts, tracksuits, shorts and caps. A ?Game Set and Match? sweatshirt rounds out this sports wardrobe.

Accessories form an integral part of this project, where they form a similar technical features seen on the garments. A tennis bag, a backpack, and footwear that can be Used for everyday life off the court, and the Tonga watch in steel and silicon with glasses in acetate encompasses the aesthetics of the collection.


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