Easy Fondant Bunny How To

Posted on Dec 11, 2016

These little fondant bunny treats can be made out of fondant or marzipan.. or from polymer clay for that matter (that is you want them as keepsakes). They are great as little bunny gifts to give to a friend or teacher.. OR you can make a set and pop them onto Easter Cupcakes and Easter Cakes! One little bunny fondant, lots of uses!! (Similarly, we have some fondant sheep over here, that are super duper easy for you to make too!!).

Now, personally, I love love love marzipan and I have real childhood memories of ?modelling with marzipan? associated with it! (In fact that reminds me of our Marzipan Good Luck Pigs, do take a peak). But friends have told me how they hate marzipan but love fondant. The great thing about this little how to, is that you can use EITHER marzipan or fondant icing. So really.. it is just a question of personal taste and preference.

Easy Fondant Bunny How To

To make your easy fondant bunnies, you will need:

  • fondant (or marzipan)
  • a tiny bit of food coloring in pink or red
  • a toothpick
  • optional ? chocolate egg, green card & hot glue gun

Check out our How to make a Fondant Bunny video:

You will see that there are TWO versions in the video ? one is my daughter?s (aged 6) and one is mine. I think they are equally adorable for different reasons.. so simply be inspired and make them how YOU want to!


Hope you enjoy your Easy Bunnies and see you Happy Easter!!

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