Easy Macrame Dolls (using Paracords)

Posted on Jul 3, 2015

Sooo I did warn you that we would be having fun with Paracords this Summer!! Here is another little paracord craft ? actually it is a macrame craft ? but it works perfectly for left over bits and pieces of paracord ? little Dollies! We love turning these paracord dolls into Keychains and Zipper Pulls and think they are simply the cutest.

Easy Macrame Dolls - use thick string or paracords or macrame string. Turn these into key chains, zipper pulls etc

We have actually go TWO versions of these ? one with bead head and one without a bead. I like the both for different reasons.. the bead headed paracord doll is just CUTE! I love the combination of string, bright paracord and wooden head. The paracord only doll (see it here on YouTube) however,  is more ?do-able? ? simply because all you need is your paracord strands and nothing more. You don?t need a special bead or string nor a piece of wire etc? nice and easy.

How to make Paracord Bracelets - this tutorial shows how to make the bracelets without buckles - great for any time any place. My son adores his.

To make these little dolls, you use the same technique as for this basic Paracord Bracelet ? so learn how to do one and you can make the other!

Macrame Doll ? Materials

  • 16 inches of the paracord colour
  • 10 inch (or so) of string
  • wooden bead (15mm diameter ? US readers & Uk Readers check these)
  • Pen
  • Scissors & Lighter

Easy Macrame Dolls. Use thick string or paracords or macrame string. Turn these into key chains, zipper pulls etc

So? without further ado.. here is your how to!

How to make Macrame Dolls:


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