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Posted on Mar 30, 2015

Susie Wolff, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2015In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone has suggested to F1 teams they could run a separate championship for women to race in.


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Bernie Ecclestone keen to explore the idea of grands prix for female drivers (The Guardian)

“Ecclestone wants to look at the idea of an all-women world championship, with the races taking place before the main event on Sunday afternoons.”

Hamilton calls for clarity over Alonso crash (The Telegraph)

“Charlie Whiting, the experienced race director, then took Hamilton to one side after the meeting to reassure the Mercedes driver there was no evidence the McLaren failed at the Circuit de Catalunya last month.”

FIA post-race press conference – Malaysia (F1)

“I was shitting myself the last couple of laps because here and there the thought was coming to my head, I was looking at the top of the chassis and thinking ‘this is a red, you?re about to win’ and then I thought, ‘OK, stop thinking that, otherwise you?ll miss the next apex or something’.”

Ferrari win good for F1 – Wolff (F1i)

“They have won the race. It wouldn?t be right to say that we have lost it. In hindsight it?s easy to be clever.”

Fernando Alonso: ?I want to be in pole position, not second… (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“To beat Mercedes you need to do something special, not to follow them, because if not you will be behind all the time.”


Comment of the day

A point worth remembering about the team radio clips we hear during the broadcasts:

It bothers me that people pick on radio transmissions ? regardless if it?s about Vettel, Hamilton or anybody else complaining over the radio. These guys drive cars that pull 4-5Gs, pumped with adrenaline with a high heart-rate and lots of stuff to concentrate on ? that they don?t always sound calm and collected should never be held against them.
TMF (@Tmf42)

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On this day in F1

Nelson Piquet scored his first grand prix victory 35 years ago today at Long Beach. However the event was overshadowed by a crash which left Clay Regazzoni with paralysis.

Here?s the start of the race:

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