Education Round-up: Home education in action

Posted on Mar 16, 2017

Education Round-up

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Home education is a choice being made by a growing number of U.K. families for a huge variety of reasons and in September last year we joined the ranks when our eldest daughter didn?t start school. As it?s my first month writing the BritMums Education round-up, I thought I?d start off by showcasing some of the amazing home educating bloggers that we have in our community and what they have been up to with their little learners recently.

My children are still very young at four, three and one, but even so I worry sometimes whether I?m doing enough ?learning activities? with them. The reality is that they learn so much just from being free to engage in their natural and instinctive play. I love how Marrianne from AcornSTEM has broken down the Top 5 benefits of building with blocks. It?s a great reminder that something that might seem to be a simple mindless activity is actually hugely beneficial for children?s learning and development.

Lydia from A New Adventure has written this month about making lapbooks with her children as a learning aid when they are investigating a topic. I love the idea of unit studies and project based learning, it?s a way of discovering new things that really makes sense to me. Lapbooks are a great way of storing and presenting the new knowledge and skills you?ve picked up and I think we will definitely be adding them to our home education arsenal in the coming years.

I had to include this lovely post about numeracy resources on Living Life Our Way as it was actually written by Katie?s daughter ?Squiggle?. Not only did I get lots of great ideas for maths resources we could use, but I love the idea of my children contributing to my blog one day and I think it could be a really beneficial exercise for them. 

Ever wondered what us home educators do all day? Well there are as many different answers as there are home educators in the world and days on the calendar, but that?s what makes it so interesting! I love getting a glimpse behind closed doors and seeing what other home educating families get up to on an average day. Pru from Adventures in Homeschool has filmed this lovely day in the life video which I really enjoyed watching. Pru has three children of very different ages and it?s amazing to see the work they are doing together and how much they cover in just one day.

Martyn from Inside Martyn?s Thoughts home educates his two boys William and James and has written about their favourite books and why they like them for World Book Day 2017.

We?ve had a bit of a book theme going on recently too and I?ve been trying out adding some structure to our week by having a ?book of the week? and basing a few activities around that book. Our first book and most successful week was ?We?re Going on a Bear Hunt? by Michael Rosen and you can pop over to the blog to see what we got up to.

And Finally, Jax from Live Otherwise has not only shared what she has been up to recently, but started a ?100 ways of home ed? blog hop which is a great way to explore how home education works in lots of different ways for lots of different families.

Thank you for reading my first education round-up, I?d love to hear from you in the comments or on Twitter. If you have any posts about any aspect of Education (not just home ed) that you?d like to put forward for next month?s round-up, please email them to me at [email protected]

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About Louise Alsford

Louise is an ex Early Years professional who gave up the preschool life to… stay at home with her own preschoolers! A mum of three children under five, Mabel, Greta and Ernest, when the time came for Mabel to start school they decided as a family to home educate instead. These days they can be found either out adventuring somewhere or at home reading stories together, getting stuck into a science experiment or being creative, aka making a mess. They share all the fun and chaos on their blog and YouTube channel.

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