Election Watch: ‘Briefcase wanter’

Posted on Mar 21, 2015

It seems Danny Alexander may have been feeling a little overlooked by the Budget coverage. There was a moment during the news broadcasts on Wednesday when he definitely seemed to be coveting George Osborne’s red briefcase:


“Oh go on, let me have a go!” Danny Alexander eyes George Osborne’s briefcase with barely concealed jealousy.

Alexander’s response has been to seek out some media coverage of his own, with a remarkable photo call. Looking like he was arriving for his first day as Mayor of Legoland, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury posed for the cameras with a big yellow briefcase to herald the announcement of his own alternative budget. 

He was basically playing a dress-up game of ‘Chancellor of the Exchequer’ with a case that looked like he’d made it himself from a Selfridges bag:


“Maybe try it without the jacket? No, it still doesn’t look quite right.”

His PR team must actually hate him. They might as well have painted a target on him.

Inevitably, people on Twitter had a field day:

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