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Posted on Jun 8, 2016

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It appears that shopping has been on people?s mind over the last month, especially the environmental impact of shopping. And, as I expect from the blogging community people are looking at the issue from different angles and developing different options to reduce the negative impact.

Rosie?s post 7 things you should not be buying is a great introduction to this topic and how you can reduce the negative impact of your shopping, and some of her points are considered in more detail by the following bloggers.

Zoe at Eco Thrifty Living talks about the reduction in packaging when she bought in bulk at a fruit and vegetable wholesaler in 5000 apples, a million carrots and a bananas amount of bananas! 

By mending items we are able to extend their use and move away from disposable consumption. Jen at My Make Do and Mend Life writes about showing off your pride in the items you?ve mended through Visible Mending (something I?ve been doing for the last year partly because it makes it much easier to mend clothes).

The sharing economy is growing as people recognition they don?t need to buy a product if they are only going to use it once, assuming you know somewhere to hire or borrow it; and this is getting easier as Gina from Gypsy Soul discusses in her post Borrow-it App Review.

I hope these posts encourage to consider your own shopping, and have helped you find at least one method of reducing its negative impact. Please share your suggestions to reducing the negative impact of shopping.

Please send me links to your environmental posts for the next round-up via my blog or tweet me @katedavis. Alternatively, let me know if you have any questions about the environment and I?ll try and answer them in future posts.

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