Expat Round-up: Goodbye 2017 & hello 2018

Posted on Jan 16, 2018

Expat Round-up

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Hello, Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas break. I know Christmas can be rough for expats, especially new expats, without the support of family.  Being away from loved ones may make us blue. In December, I wrote a post on how to survive Christmas as an expat but really it can be applied to any major holiday or anniversary. After New Year?s Eve comes the promise of the New Year. Maybe you are in the process of packing up or newly emigrated, this month we look the travels and settling process for expats.

New Year time for changes

We all want to be better and do better in the New Year. Sometimes part of doing better means letting go of old habits. Mim in Australia shares with us what she?s letting go of in 2018, on her blog Love From Mim. She has counted 18. How many are on your list. Read her post to see if you have common goals or if you want an inspirational ?pick me up?.  

Maybe you are only letting go temporarily, of your home. Perhaps you are on your way to the UK to study and you are ticking off items on your preparation ?to do list?? My post on The Tiger Tales gives tips for international students.

Settling into a new home

Natasha and her family moved to Normandy last year. On her blog Our Life in  Normandy Natasha talks about the challenges and the benefits are amazing of the move. Just in time for Christmas they got their gorgeous SMEG Oven. In her post on cooking with gas Natasha talks about cooking but also the wonderful opportunities that her children will have because they relocated before UK leave the EU in 2019. For those of you thinking of emigrating to EU you should check it out and even if you are not it?s a good read.

Going on a romantic getaway

One of the challenges of being an expat parents is having couples time. Expat families are a tight unit that need to do everything together. However, sometimes? a close relation or friend visits and the couple can slip away for a romantic break. Eva from Captain Bobcat blog tells us about her romantic break in autumn with her husband. She?s sent us a postcard from Sitges, Spain.

What?s on the cards for you in 2018? Tell us. Are you moving to somewhere hot or cold?

Please let me know if there are themes you would like to see covered.  Of course if you have a post you would to be considered for next month?s round-up, please email me on [email protected] or DM me on Twitter.

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