Finance Round-up: Back to normal

Posted on Sep 18, 2016

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Since the kids have gone back to school I?ve heard the phrase ?back to normal? many times. It seems the six weeks holidays throws everyone. Schedules go out of the window and money slips through our fingers like melting ice cream. So now is the time to get back on track as ? dare I say it, I?ve already seen Christmas goods in the shops. Let?s see what advice our team of bloggers can give you to help your finances look better.

Quite often through the summer holidays the kids can assume that if there is anything they want they can simply ask mum or dad for it and it will be bought. Since very few of us can oblige so readily to be forever paying out for our children Natalie has been wondering what age should I give pocket money? Do you start once your child knows how to count and understands the concept of money or do you wait until they are older? Do you give a set amount each week or only after certain chores have been completed?

If you are thinking not just about pocket money but all financial aspects when it comes to your children?s education then let Skint Dad Ricky guide you through from birth to 18 with practical financial lessons for your child. Whatever the age of your son or daughter it?s never too late to instill a sound financial grounding into them.

If you thought the kids were asking for food every five minutes during the school holidays then you will know once they are back to school your kitchen cupboards only remain full until they get home. To try and fill up her sons without breaking the bank Kelly has come up with a recipe for croissant bread and butter with chocolate raisins.

One way to keep your money in check is through trying to live a zero waste life. Some people have managed to change their entire lifestyles to help save the planet and in the meantime save some money. If this sounds unachievable then try seven days as each September sees the arrival of Zero Waste Week. Zoe spends her life trying to make the changes that matter both financially and environmentally. You can follow how she got on through the week starting with using up any waste food.

Since I did mention the ?C? word in the introduction I should give you some pointers on how to deal with the cost of Christmas even though it is only September. Emma has been thinking about how to manage your money better so you can deal with expected monthly costs but also those annual expenses such as Christmas and birthdays plus the dreaded unexpected bills.

If you feel you never have money for the things that make you happy or bring you joy then have a read of Cass? explanation of intentional spending. Many of overspend in certain areas unnecessarily but by saving money we could save up for the things which we really want to do or have.

One last thing to think about now the kids have gone back to school is about their long-term educational futures. Going to university has never been cheap but with tuition fees going up and the cost of accommodation around the country varying so much it has become more and more important to plan ahead. With this in mind Kalpana has been looking at the benefits of junior ISA accounts and how £31 a week can give your child financial freedom.

Have you got ?back to normal? yet? Are you starting to plan for the rest of the year?

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