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Posted on Jun 16, 2017

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Did you hear that there was an election? No way?! Well at the time of writing the make up of the new government is still very unclear and so is the future of the country. Deals are being done, manifestos are being watered down, the Queen?s Speech has been delayed (or has it?!) For the time being should we just carry on with our lives or try to prepare for whatever is coming?

One issue that did come up in the election manifestos was the subject of universal free school meals. I have had one child go through infants and juniors without it and another who started school being offered a free lunch everyday. Was it right that the Conservatives wanted to do away with it for everybody? The original idea was to provide every child in classes reception to year 2 with at least one hot meal a day.  I will say that most days my son chooses the sandwich option as he doesn?t want the cooked meal of the day. Also when he does have a cooked meal it seems to be pizza, sausages and chips ? no sign of any fruit or vegetables. Is it right that taxpayers are paying for my son to have a sandwich when I could easily provide one myself? Or is it the case that since it is a universal benefit it means that children who usually wouldn?t get a free school lunch get the chance to have a meal in the middle of the day. Parent and teacher Savvy Dad looks at the costs and issues surrounding free school meals.

If you?re struggling to feed your family on a budget look no further than this recipe from Kelly at Reduced Grub. This month?s tasty but cheap hot family meal is Tortilla basket chilli and Mexican rice for less than £1 each. If you are looking to further reduce your food spend then Jane from Shoestring Cottage tells us of the financial benefits of meal planning. It can also save you a lot of stress as well!

It?s been noted several times that the election was heavily influenced by the differences in generations. Nadine at JuggleMum has been looking at how the older generations spend money in comparison to their younger counterparts. Do you have a different attitude to money than your parents? Are you more willing to take on debt than younger people?

Much was said during the election campaigns about spending plans. Did the maths add up? Was money being wasted unnecessarily? Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family has checking her sums and found 11 areas of daily spending that are complete wastes of money. There?s no reason why you shouldn?t start cutting out these bad habits today.

If you?ve got the taste for saving money don?t just stop at 11 ways of saving money! Morgan M Woods has come up with a whopping 52 ways to save money covering everything from groceries to holidays.

Back to everyday matters and Fiona at Savvy in Somerset has been explaining why she and her husband decided to buy a house priced at under their budget. Usually people go right up and sometimes over their budget when it comes to home buying but Fiona tells us why they went £13,000 under budget.

Now you have your house sorted have you noticed how much stuff is in? Do you chuck it out or try and make some money in selling it? Rather than putting it on eBay or loading it all up to take to a car boot sale have you thought of a yard sale? Faith from Much More With Less has recently teamed up with others in her neighbourhood and offers her top tips for a successful sale day.

If you?ve cleared out your house and still looking for ways to make some money then turn to your smart phone. Rebecca at Boost My Budget has been trying out some apps which offer rewards and payments for completing tasks.

When it comes to financial matters people are often asked, ?Are you are spender or a saver?? What you do with your money is often down to your mindset. This is an issue explored by Eileen of Your money, sorted. Take the quiz on Eileen?s post see what your attitude to money is.

We?ve covered spending and earning money and now is the time to talk about debt; really talk about debt. If you?re owning money to friends, families or companies then Sara from Debt Camel urges you to talk to someone about your problems. It doesn?t need to be someone you know and Sara gives some recommendations on other people you can talk to.

I?ll be back next month with another round-up and we can see what the current political situation has done to our finances. If you want to feature in a future finance round-up then contact me on Facebook or via Twitter.

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