Fitness Round-up: Is running your cup of tea?

Posted on May 27, 2016

fitness round-up

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Spring is one of my favourite seasons. I love the smell of flowers in the air, and the fact that more and more people get out and are active.

For me nothing can beat a morning run along the local canal, listening to my favourite music and exploring the nature around me.

This is the way I relax and de-stress. By the way, have your read my recent post Is Stress Sabotaging Your Health ? and Waistline?

I cannot imagine my life without running. Today would like to share a few people who I often chat on Twitter to about their runs. There are also tips for anyone who is keen to start running.

Have you recently become a new parent? I think that many of us could associate with Mum Who Runs and her lovely post about how exercise helped her regain her identity and feel more confident and happy.

I was jumping up and down to see one of my old Twitter friends Boo and Maddie revealing her training for the Richmond half marathon for the NSPCC! She?s excited, nervous, determined and happy. This is going to be her second half-marathon, but she knows there needs to be loads done. By the way, she is an example how to become size 10 from size 16, a very inspirational lady!

There is another runner who definitely deserves to be mentioned in this round-up. It?s the fabulous Muriel from French Yummy Mummy, who loves her challenges. This time she is planning to run 100K the Thames Path Challenge on the 10th of September, from Putney Bridge to Henley. Yes, you have read it correctly. She is doing it all to support Action Aid project, it?s all about creating a future for women through fishing. I have sponsored Muriel, and believe she would appreciate any support and donations she can get to help her reach her target.

Not everyone needs to be running marathons or 100K. I believe as long as you find the type of exercise you love and do it regularly, that?s all that counts. Also encouraging others to be active is so important, and one of the people who is doing a great job is my friend Juliet from Dr Juliet Mc Grattan. I love her post The race I set Out To Come last in.

Michelle from The Joy Chaser has recently written a great post on how When expectation and effort can kill your joy. She loves running, and it brings her joy, but it was not always that way! Read about how she found her way to enjoying running!

Many people exercise to lose weight, but it?s also important to know that eating the right amounts of healthy food is definitely part of it. Morgan has been blogging about her fitness and weightloss journey for a while, and I am so pleased to see her back on the track. Well done, and agree that even losing 1lb can make a huge difference.

If you need some more Understanding on Metabolism & Weight Loss, then this post is full of very interesting information and should answer all your questions about this topic.

Many of us love fitness gadgets and I do think that they definitely help many people to get out and keep active. They motivate and can help you stay on the right track. Jacqui from Mummy?s Little Monkey has recently reviewed Beets blue heart rate Monitor, so check it out. Maybe this one will take your fancy?

And if not, I am currently running a fab giveaway to Win ?Lumo Lift? Digital Posture Coach & Activity Tracker on my blog!

Hope that this month?s fitness round-up will be an inspiration for you all, and don?t forget to tweet me your links for the next one via @Fitness4Mamas or leave a link in a comment below.

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