For Honor: 9 Major Complaints & Issues Ubisoft Have Fixed

Posted on May 13, 2017

For honor

For Honor’s launch and the subsequent month’s following have been pretty rocky, with the game suffering a lot, despite its positive critical reception. Connection issues and a multitude of other things that have been covered to no end have plagued the game and the community has been increasingly vocal about it all, even go so far as to call for a boycott of the game.

And it seemed for a while like we were all just screaming into an empty room with no one listening.

However, the past few weeks have seen a change in Ubisoft’s tact with the team behind For Honor pouring buckets of effort into rectifying those problems, and the game is blossoming for it. It seems as if Ubisoft have finally begun to listen to mountains of fan feedback, and the game is back on the up and up, with the active player base spiking for the first time in weeks.

So, whilst coverage of For Honor has been increasingly negative and with Ubisoft often getting a bad wrap amidst it all, I thought it prudent to cut them some slack and list nine of the things Ubisoft have done, are doing or planning to do, directly in response to fan feedback.

For once, they are actually listening to us…

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