Games Of Thrones Season 7: 13 Major Questions From The Trailer

Posted on May 28, 2017

Game Of Thrones Tyrion HBO

Winter is here.

After just over a year – which has felt like roughly 6500 in real terms – Game Of Thrones is back with a brand new trailer for the forthcoming seventh season, and the world just got an awful lot more hyped for the return to Westeros. We’re into the real business end of the show, with the reign of the Lannisters and the Great War with the Night’s King both about to explode at their climax, so it’s inevitable we’d all be a little bit excited.

And wouldn’t you know it, HBO have delivered a teaser that does everything you’d want from your favourite fandom feeder. The trailer builds hype, promises lots of action and intrigue and establishes mood and atmosphere that will change the show incredibly.

There were inevitably some missing elements (because even with those kill-happy writers there are still lots of characters to balance), but each of Westeros’ big players are there, and all are doing new, interesting things. Plus there are three great big bloody dragons, pirate battles, frozen zombie chases and Ser Davos telling it like it is. What’s not to love?

Around those fan-baiting moments, there are also lots of questions posed, and inevitably, there will be some pretty big theories borne from this trailer to come to fill in some of the gaps while we wait for the season to debut…

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