Going Cruzing ? The Braun Cruzer5

Posted on Feb 7, 2015

imageFor the last few years we?ve had the notion of this is, ?The year of the Beard? force fed to us and having to endure endless images of ultra cool hipsters, not just confined to select areas of East London either, displaying flowers in their facial hair or growing beards longer and bushy then Merlin?s grandfather. Well the end does, I?m glad to say, seem to be in sight, I?m not calling for all beard wearers to be ceremoniously rounded up and slaughtered in a King Herod styleee, one step too far. I mean some of my best friends possess some of the finest examples of facial hair this side of Hoxton Square and that?s just the girls(permission to laugh now, granted).

Those clever lil boffins over at Braun have come up with the CruZer5, with this wonderful gem of a gadget designed with a powerful triple action float system, making it the perfect choice for getting rid of unwanted facial hair at the touch of a button. The product also comes fitted with an integrated precision trimmer to create precise contours or add some sharp edges to help define your style, head-to-toe.

Braun Creative Director, Fabio Vivan, added:
?Male grooming has developed into so much more than simply removing hair; it?s a means of expressing your overall style and identity. Braun?s grooming products are the perfect tools for every man to achieve their desired image.?

The three main attributes to the CruZer5 are that with its powerful triple action float system, the CruZer5 clean shave is ideal for getting rid of unwanted facial hair at the touch of a button. The twin foils and integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer while at the same time are being kind and gentle on your skin.

Plus, if you don?t want to go totally clean shaven, it comes with an integrated precision trimmer to customise your style. Lastly, whether in or out of the shower, it?s up to you. The CruZer5 is completely washable and totally Waterproof.


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