Good Reads: Taylor Swift, naughty children and fear

Posted on Oct 19, 2015

good readsI love the beginning of October ? the leaves start to turn, crunching under foot, decorating lawns and driveways like confetti. Then, incrementally, I realise that I am getting up in the dark, I turn on the heating and the full weight of winter stares down at me, taunting. October is a month of transition from gilets to coats, from pumps to boots. But there is still good: half-term, Halloween, autumn sunshine, Strictly Come Dancing.

And of course there are the blog posts: the photographs, the recipes, the crafts, the observations, the decor ideas. So many wonderful reasons to read blogs. And the group of posts I have collected, curated even, below, are no exception. 

First up, Make A Long Story Short writes Dear Boy, You Can Be Unpretty Here

The Pool explains why we needn?t fear our failures. There is a trend for embracing them in fact. 

Must Be The Mummy is certain that Taylor Swift Could Save Us All

The Adultier Adult lists Things I Never Knew Until I Was A Parent

Canvas Pretty shares 20 Ways To Be A Better Blogger

The Thinking Parent has Questions That Will Get Your Child Talking About School

Cogito Ergo Mum urges us to raise naughty children

Joanne Mallon asks if you can ever be 100% fearless.

Diana writes about what lies ahead after the years of heartache.

Are You Kiddingney shares her recent experience in Letting Go during Baby Loss Awareness Week. This carries a Trigger Warning, and indeed Tissue Warning, but do share your love and support. Thank you Innocent Charms for sharing.

All good posts for different reasons, posts that make you laugh, cry, think or act. The perfect half-term reading really.  Come back in November for more great good reads that I have found out and about on the internet. And if you find something that you think should be shared with BritMumsGoodReads next month, tweet @domesticgoddesq with the hashtag! 

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