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Posted on Jul 5, 2015

imageA couple of weeks ago we ran a post to coincide with Hair Loss Awareness Month, to put it mildly we had a massive response, from guys worrying about differing stages of hair loss. So to answer a couple of your questions we?ve sourced the entire industry and looked at and into alsorts of different products, ranging from wild and wacky, to old wives tales, to downright dangerous potions and lotions. But before we start two things have stuck in my mind the entire time we?ve been researching this whole topic. Firstly, there is no magic cure, yes you can have a hair transplant, but currently this is expensive, can be painful and it isn?t always a guarantee to take and then work. Plus, there are a lot of people claiming to offer a cure for hair loss which, basically, just isn?t true and are preying on people?s fears and insecurities. One thing you have to remember about hair loss and that is, don?t ignore it. If you catch it in its early stage you have far more options open to you than if you leave it and think it?ll go away.

Firstly, we caught up with leading hair care brand Aveda?s Master Barber, Stelios Nicolaou, who told us.

?My gents that have thin or thinning hair really love the new Aveda Thickening Tonic, it?s great for them because it will instantly add bulk and hold to their hair, giving them a nice pliable texture and thicker looking hair. Some men find that they are only thinning in certain areas of the head, around their crown or hairline for example, so you can customise how you use this product and apply only to the areas where thinning is a specific need. I can feel a change in texture and mass as I apply the product to guests hair, it instantly begins to feel thicker.?


Next,  we sort the advice of leading Trichologist, Marilyn Sherlock ? Chairman of The Institute of Trichologists.

Are there any brushing techniques to promote thickness or growth ? 
Great hair starts with a healthy scalp. You could try a Nioxin in salon treatment such as the Nioxin Dermabrasion treatment (like a facial for the scalp). Prep hair with a Nioxin system kit. A good idea is to use a hair thickener such as Nioxin Diaboost which actually increases the thickness of each hair strand. Spray a few pumps into the roots and massage in, then blow dry with large round brush, gently lifting it at the roots, this will give body and lift.
Look for styles which will help create the look of thickness. Shorter hair with blunt ends & minimum layers can help hair look thicker, this is why bobs are the most popular for women with finer hair. Also recommend getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks to help maintain shape and sharpen the ends of hair.

What are the major causes and how can you combat them ?
There are around 50 causes of hair thinning or hair loss. It is often the case that hair is thin due to genetic inheritance. However, if the hair is normally thick and starts to thin down, look at your diet. Is it well balanced and do you eat regularly? That is the first thing to look at.
You need a broad spectrum of nutrients of course, but do be sure to get you iron, protein and carbohydrates daily. These are the nutrients that your hair depends heavily upon. (those watching their weight can eat all those nutrients without fat or sugar)
Another cause of thinning hair is illness and particularly a high temperature for a prolonged period. However, this does not manifest itself until approximately three months after the illness. ( this is due to the 3 months that elapses after a temperature for example, before the hair can fall.
For more serious concerns I would always recommend seeing a trichologist for the Institute of Trichologists, who are experts on hair and scalp health.


Now, one of the first ports of call, if you are worried about hair loss is your Pharacist. Boots, have their own Pharmacy Hair Retention Programme ? If you are feeling anxious about male pattern baldness, you are not alone ? it is the most common form of hair loss, affecting 6.5 million men in the UK and Boots has a confidential service that can help.
Specially trained Boots UK pharmacists will hold an initial consultation and if appropriate, provide a prescription-only medicine without the need for a prescription. Follow up appointments to track changes in hair retention, are held after one, three, six, twelve months and annually thereafter, so you can monitor your progress with your pharmacist. The first four week trial supply costs £49, with follow up supplies starting from as little as £7.92 a week.


Another great set of products we found to assist in giving the look of fuller thicker hair are Lab Series ROOT POWER TREATMENT SHAMPOO
Which moisturises and conditions hair to improve its resilience and pliability. Cleans and invigorates the scalp to promote healthier-looking hair. For best results, use in conjunction with ROOT POWER HAIR TONIC. This scalp-energizing formula nourishes from root to tip to strengthen, thicken and repair hair while improving its appearance. Tonic increases luster and shine, in addition to creating an optimal environment for fuller, thicker hair.



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