Grooming tips every man should know

Posted on Mar 12, 2017


We all want to look our best, and whilst clothes definitely do make the man, the way you look after yourself plays a major part too. With a solid grooming regime, we can all make the most of what we?ve got in any situation, from work to play.

From sporting an on-trend cut to looking after your hands, we?ve got five top tips to get you looking your best at all times.

? Hair: Once you?ve had your hair professionally cut it?s down to you to keep it looking cool. That?s where using the right hair products come in. Whereas thick hair can handle heavier products like wax, you?ll want to go for lighter sprays, gels and mousses for thin hair. It?s all about research (feel free to ask your barber here) and finding the best thing to keep your locks tidy and sleek. Got long hair? There?s nothing more stylish than keeping it under control in a man bun.

? Face: You need a two pronged attack here ? scrub and soothe. When it comes to the scrubbing, a quality exfoliator will get rid of flaky skin, clear up your complexion and even help you get a better shave. You don?t want to do it every day though, every other will do. Regular moisturising is another vital component of any grooming regime, as it?ll keep you looking young and fresh-faced. Invest in a specialist eye serum or cream to get rid of those tell-tale bags too.

? Beard: Beards are in, there?s no doubt about it, but yours will only look good if it?s well maintained. A weekly trim at the least is necessary, and more often if you grow hair quickly, so that means investing in a good beard trimmer. Keep an eye on the shape of your beard too, but keep it as natural as you can. Take the lines too high or low and it?ll be obvious that you?re trying too hard.

? Stray hairs: Being hairy isn?t a bad thing. That is, if you keep things under control! Don?t miss stray hairs by focussing on the main areas; keep an eye out for wispy bits around your ears, nose and on the back of your neck. Check between the eyes too. Monobrows are typically not considered a good look ? don?t be afraid to ask your barber to give them a re-shape when you?re in, as they?re more than used to it.

? Nails: Your hair is coiffed, your beard?s looking neat and your skin is smooth, so everything is in order. Almost everything, that is. There?s no point doing all of the above and having scraggy hands with rough old nails and flaky skin. Trim your nails regularly and keep your hands in great shape by getting rid of dead skin and moisturising, just like you do with your face. When it comes to nails it?s best to clip after a bath or shower, as the warm water will soften them in preparation.

As with anything to do with looking good, it?s all about a little prep and a plan. Now you?ve got our top grooming tips you can put them into practice and maintain your cool every day.

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