Happy Moments In Your Day #DrinkItAllIn

Posted on Mar 8, 2015

CAUTION: Watch this video only if you are ready to feel all happy and sunshiney? do not watch with small children as they will want to see it over and over again

Right, now that we have all experienced that little ray of sunshine, I want to tell you all about the ?Drink It All In? campaign that Twinings Tea UK has just launched? it is all about being positive and taking joy from the small things you do or see each day in life! Such as?.


?.a little flower on your way to work or school.

Paper Plate Rocking Sheep

?seeing the happy and proud smile on your daughter?s face ? as you help out with arts & crafts in her class room.

Kid Art Gifts

?.enjoying a moment of peace, as the kids take themselves away to create some lovely pictures (and let you have an extra few minutes in bed to sleep!).

rain rta

?not HIDING from the rain? but embracing the joy it brings.

The small things in life that make us happy!! Twinings are celebrating how you can experience more from your day by living your life with your senses turned up and would LOVE to see YOUR ?little things? too. You could win some fabulous goodies from their Hero range by sending in your happy moment photos using the #DrinkItAllin hashtag on Twitter or Instagram (@TwiningsTeaUK) or by commenting on their Facebook page.

There is a new ?prompt? each week ? this week is ?How do you step into your day to make the most of the opportunities ahead??  ? so watch out for each week?s theme that will be announced on Facebook. From now right through the end of March, there will be a total of 40 winners (10 per week). Join in. Spread the happiness and drink TEA!

So. Are you prepared to be happy? Drink It All In and join in with the photo fun. Can?t wait to see what you all come up with!

Read the Competition?s Full T&C here.

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