Harry Potter Snitch Craft/ Treat

Posted on Nov 12, 2015

Our Harry Potter QUEST continues. We do love a good Harry Potter story time session and my kids are DYING to watch the Harry Potter movies.. but we have to read the book first?? in our anticipation of the Harry Potter movie and also in the run up to Christmas, we thought that we would explore some Harry Potter Crafts, or this case, a craft come party food idea ? EDIBLE SNITCHES. Now we have made a slightly ?trickier? version ? which would look perfect as Harry Potter Tree Ornaments, but if you are having a Harry Potter party and need to make LOTS of these (and not just 4-5), the I recommend, drawing paper wings on paper and stick those on.. job done, nice and easy.

In the meantime? here are our Snitch?s made with wonderfully delicate feathery wings!

Here is a fun idea for Harry Potter fans - make an edible snitch. This would be cool as a quirky Christmas Tree Ornament or as party food treats!

We also have some fabulous Harry Potter Wands:

Harry Potter Crafts - check out these nature inspired Magic Wands - great for all witches and wizards!

And Hedwig Owl Cupcakes:

Harry Potter Party Ideas - Easy Hedwig Owl Cupcakes, thesea are simply the cutest! I want some now

Harry Potter Snitch Ornament Materials:

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*Of course you can simply glue on paper wings!

Harry Potter Snitch Ornament How To:

What do you think? Did you like our Snitch Treat? Don?t you think, they would be a great Snitch Party Food for any Harry Potter Party? Or simply look fabulous on as a Harry Potter Fan Christmas Tree Ornament?!

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