Help ensure clean water for families like yours

Posted on Nov 7, 2015

PumpAid video still

A still from the PumpAid video, imagining our homes with dirty water

We take it for granted.

Every time we turn on a kitchen tap, wash our hands, drink from a fountain or go the toilet, in the UK we know the water we?re using or drinking is clean and safe.

But that simple benefit is out of reach for many families, affecting their health and their lives. PumpAid aims to do something about that. It campaigns to achieve lasting change in people?s lives around the world by improving the quality and availability of water. Their current programmes improve access to sustainable water in rural Malawi.

BritMums is working with PumpAid as part of a paid project, promoting its latest campaign and what each of us can do to help. By getting involved, our families can ensure that families in Malawi have this simple, vital thing.

You can make a difference

In these 3 easy steps, you can take action:

Step 1: Watch this video that brings home what it would be like if we didn?t have clean water in our homes

Step 2: Like and share the video via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or your other favourite social network (here?s the URL:

Step 3: Consider contributing to or highlighting this campaign to provide a pre-school with safe water and toilets on your social media or via a post.

Find out more on the PumpAid website.

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