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Posted on Jul 2, 2015

fairy blog mother cropDo you have a business blog? Or do you blog about business?

Any respectable business entrepreneur will have a LinkedIn profile. It usually consists of their online CV and other promotional features.

But did you know that adding your business blog onto LinkedIn can help boost its ratings and gain you more suitable readers interested in your industry or niche? 

I?ve been using LinkedIn since about 2008 and I often use it to help promote my blog and therefore my business, my knowledge and my expertise. It?s demands a different kind of blog writing because of its professional nature, which relevant subjects to suit, but nevertheless the interaction and engagement are very similar.

Jen and Susanna contacted me to ask if I would deliver a workshop at BritMums Live! about LinkedIn. They were a bit vague about it, so I decided it should also be about blogging (since it will be at a blogging conference!) and how this can relate to LinkedIn.

Here is a recording I made in advance of my LinkedIn workshop I gave at BritMums Live! ? just in case you weren?t able to attend ? in which I showed how putting your business blog onto LinkedIn can certainly be beneficial.

LinkedIn is (at the moment) the third largest social networking site, below Facebook and Twitter, so if you blog for a business or about business-related matters, you really ought to be on it to raise awareness of both you, your business and your business blog.

In this workshop I talk about:

  • optimising your profile
  • how to link to your blog
  • how to actually blog on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn social sharing buttons and badges on your sidebar
  • how to use LinkedIn groups to help promote your business blog to like-minded readers, potential clients, employers or joint ventures.

If you?re interested in using LinkedIn, or you are intrigued about LinkedIn and how it can benefit your business blog, then this workshop is worth watching.


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