How To Make an Origami Budgie

Posted on May 18, 2015

You may have noticed our recent love for paper crafts ? or more specifically Origami for kids. My kids are now 7yrs and 5yrs old and it is a great age to start introducing them to paper folding techniques and simple Origami crafts. To date, I have found my kids enthusiasm hit and miss ? some days they ADORE the origami craft I am showing them, other days they are not interested in the slightest! Some days they learn the Origami that very day.. other days, they want me to make it for them. But hey, so long as they play and have fun, I am happy. The key with Origami and paper crafts, is to keep having a go WITH Your kids.. and to find something that captures their imagination!

Today, I would like to share these ADORABLE Origami budgies? they are a little harder than some of the previous crafts we have done ? but only MARGINALLY and my 7yrs old can now do this (though he does occassionally forget the steps and we have to go back and practice them again.

Origami Budgie How To - learn how to make these cute paper birds

Aren?t these Origami Budgies simply adorable?

Check out our video as to how to make origami budgies:

Say aaaaah? and here are our Origami Budgies again:Origami Budgies - cute paper crafts for kids

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