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Posted on Mar 23, 2016

Disney recently launched its website, supporting families making healthy choices. BritMums has been promoting its #HealthilyEverAfter campaign, along with key bloggers, as part of a sponsored project. Here, we share their stories, tips and advice (all opinions are those of the participating bloggers).

Frozen-inspired breakfast for kids on BritMums

Yoghurt frozen into snowflake shapes, just like in Elsa?s breakfast. Image courtesy of Crafts on Sea

It?s supposed to be the most important meal of the day but how many of us can honestly say that our children start their morning with a nutritionally-balanced and filling breakfast or even go to school on an egg? A combination of the rush to get them dressed, find ? and sometimes do ? homework, get to school or nursery as well as shower and sort ourselves out for the day means that a bowl of something sugary followed by something sugary on toast is a trap that most of us fall into on occasions.

We can do better and Disney, in partnership with BritMums, has challenged some of our most popular bloggers to see if they could use some of the Disney characters to inspire our children to eat bigger and better breakfasts. So how did they get on with the #Healthilyeverafter campaign?

#healthilyeverafter breakfast on BritMums

Sully becomes a motivating breakfast companion with North East Family Fun

Kate from Crafts on Sea has come up with the ingenious idea of freezing yogurt using a snowflake mould and convincing her daughter that this is exactly what Elsa from Frozen would have on her healthy breakfast blueberries. The snowflakes are simple to make ? Kate will fill up a few moulds while waiting for the kettle to boil ? and soooo pretty.

In the North East Family Fun household, the emphasis is more on using a character to keep an eye on your children?s diet. On her blog, Samantha used her daughter?s favourite Monsters Inc toy, Sulley, to watch over her at breakfast. ?Everyone wants to grow up to be big and strong like Sulley,? she explains. ?The kids loved this simple idea and breakfast time was suddenly fun again. They cleaned their bowls without any fuss.?

Finally, there is the distraction technique favoured by Brummy Mummy of Two, Emma: ?When we have the time, we love to put on The Descendants soundtrack and dance around,? she explains in her post. ?The kids don?t notice they are shoving handfuls of fruit down their mouths and also don?t notice my dreadful moves.?

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