How your blog can give a great first impression to new readers

Posted on Oct 11, 2015

fairy blog mother cropDid you know you?ve only got about 3 seconds for your blog to make a great first impression to a new reader? 

And some blogging gurus will say you?ve even got less than that!

There are other factors that will make a reader stay, like design, colour, etc, but it is the psychology of thinking like your readers that will enable you to adapt your blog to make them stick around.

Because if you haven?t worked out a synergy with them from the very beginning, you will have lost them. The Infographic explains this visually:

 How your blog should give a great first impression to new readers


And here?s some code you could paste into your own posts (via the text mode) if you want to share this Infographic with your readers.

?What is this blog about??

A new reader arrives on your blog. They need to instantly understand its subject, topic or niche. And this needs to be presented as clearly and as obviously as possible, preferably through the header of your blog. Don?t assume new readers will ?get it? through the titles of your posts.

?What?s in it for me??

We all naturally focus on our own needs when we seek information. New readers don?t care about you, they only care about what they can glean that is important to them. And in this time-starved world this needs to be presented clearly, swiftly and made easily accessible. 

Now if what you provide within your blog is what these new readers are looking for, then you?ve started to win the higher ground.

?Who is this blogger??

Having credibility will place you in a higher plane than your competitors. This is obtained by providing fantastic resources for your readers.

So don?t shy away from letting new readers find out more about you. This means having an up-to-date About page that explains everything about you, your achievements and what others say about you.

Remember also it?s not only about you, it?s about what you can offer your readers. So twist your profile around into your reader?s point of view.

?Is this relevant to me??

If your new reader thinks your blog isn?t relevant, they won?t stick around. If you think it is relevant, then you need to make this obvious, by using the right kind of language and showing appropriate imagery. 

Your posts should not only be interesting to read, but provide resources and information that could make a difference to your new reader?s lives. Remember you need to give before you can receive, so present everything that will benefit your new reader fully, freely and is easily understood.

?Does anyone else read this blog??

Creating a great first impression includes providing social proof that your blog is worth reading. The more popular your blog proves to be, the more attractive it will seem to new readers. Therefore encourage comments, social shares, followers, etc, and don?t be afraid to show this through the counters on the buttons.

Testimonials are also social proof. Gather some from your past clients and friends on social media. Create a special webpage for them, or insert a plugin or widget that shows rotating testimonials in your sidebar.

?Why should I bother to return??

Having achieved success in creating a great first impression to your new reader, you don?t want them to leave and never return again. Therefore you need to advertise what you will be writing about in the future. Or start a series of post that will encourage your new reader to come back for the next instalment.

Or you could persuade your new reader to venture further into your blog, by offering a selection of other relevant posts they might be interested in. This is great for alleviating bounces in your stats, and gets more of your content read and appreciated.

?How do I connect with this blog??

Fabulous, you?ve passed the first hurdle. Your new reader is interested in you and wants to cement his connection with you further. 

Therefore make sure he is invited to find you on social media through the relevant link buttons. However, where you place them is up to you; some blogging gurus say that they shouldn?t distract new readers away from your blog before they have had a chance to read everything, so placing them below more important call to actions is probably a good idea.

?How will I know when you?ve next posted??

You?ve really hooked your new reader now. Congratulations. Now you need to offer him a subscription so you can capture his contact details.

However, you need to focus on your priorities here. What is more important to you: your email newsletter list, your Facebook page, gaining more Twitter followers, or whatever?

Make sure the call to action is placed in a prominent place where your new reader can?t fail to notice it, and enticing enough to make him respond.

?How can I share this content with my friends??

Ah, the ultimate in approval. Your new reader is so enamoured with what you?ve written, he wants his friends and contacts to read it too.

Therefore make sure your social sharing buttons are strategically placed clearly below your posts, or hovering at the side, to encourage a favourable action. 

By doing this, he is introducing your blog to a much wider audience than before, who could also in turn become new readers in the future.

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