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Posted on Aug 30, 2015

hello its gemmaDo you remember the first comment on your blog? The apprehension of clicking publish, the slight horror and what you?ve just done and then the waiting. What if no one reads it? Someone does read it and they leave a comment (and they are not related to you). A positive comment and your heart sings.

Comments are mostly positive. Unless you read the comments on newspaper websites; the harshness! Be constructive, be positive or click away people, if you don?t like it move on, it cannot be good for karma to hang around and berate.

Blog comments make me happy, always have done. I prefer a handful of comments over sky-high stats and no comments. A good comment makes me smile, a spike in traffic simply doesn?t bring the same warmth to the cockles of my heart.

Commenting is about community, for me it is an intrinsic part of blogging. I?ve built friendships via the comment box. Reading blogs isn?t just about knowing who else is blogging and what is going on with them, it is also responding to that heart-felt blog posts with some words of support. Sharing the good times via a little box at the bottom. Discussing the details, offering an opinion. An evening of reading and commenting is good for the blogging soul.

There has been much talk about the death of comments. Comments drying up. There are those humongous blogs that don?t seem to get many/any comments and there are more blogs out there, all vying for attention and they all seem to have a linky.

I rarely dip my toe into the Linky pond anymore. Linkies are multiple and increasingly seem to be about bumping up back-links but used to be more about common themes and community, a rich vein of comment love. The joy of reciprocal commenting. Is that still a thing?

The obvious reason why people comment less, is simply they are consuming content differently, via phones, on the move. Commenting on my phone is often fiddly, the links that are stored elsewhere don?t want to work. As for filling in those little codes to show I am not robot, don?t even go there. I rarely comment by phone, yet I read a lot by phone, via various social media platforms.

Social media platforms have mushroomed, they offer other places to ?like? or comment, re-pin or RT in deep affection, a different type of love. Different platforms take time and attention, the more time I spend pinning over there, the less time I spend commenting over here.

Is commenting on the wane? I meet bloggers or read posts and discover people who make it their business to comment on other blogs several times daily. Who really invest in commenting. I look around the community and the comment seems to be at a healthy level. I hold my hands up! Love reading comments, am appalling at replying. It?s a time apportionment thing, I have less time.

This summer, I made a conscious effort to spent less time attached to a screen. Despite my love of receiving comments, something had to give. Reading and commenting has been that thing. My investment has been minimal. I?ve missed it an it is and element of September I?m looking forward to. Some people seem to do it all, all the time. I am not that person. Are you?

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