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Posted on Jul 8, 2017

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Heatwaves, Glastonbury and LOTS of political talk ? June was certainly a busy month this time round wasn?t it? I?m a bit of a summer scrooge and already looking forward to the cooler autumnal months (just 4 months to get those Halloween costumes nailed guys!) but clearly the season is still in full swing as I can actually see the bottom of my laundry basket for once!

I?m loving all of your holiday snaps and feeling the urge to switch off more and allow myself to put my feet up in the garden and soak up some of the sunshine with my little girl.

With colourful family recipes, playtime adventures and beach escapades filling up my timeline, Instagram is once again my favourite inspirational platform for planning our summer days. So, what?s been on your feeds this month?


They?re one of life?s simplest pleasures, iridescent and a fabulous way to add a creative edge to your photography ? have you taken a ?bubble? shot yet?

I think these are absolutely beautiful and I can?t wait to grab our bubble machine and have a play to see what magic of our own we can make!


Leanne from A Slice of My Life Wales has written a gem of a post this month about how to perfect your Instagram photography (without a fancy camera or knowing all of the lingo!) and if you feel the odd photo is looking out of place on your feed then Hey, It?s Chel has the answer with Instagram?s recent addition of the archive feature. 

Another development this year has been the Instagram Galleries feature, allowing you to share multiple photos in a single post, and Tara from Cattitude & Co has some interesting ideas as to how you can use them to your advantage.


Helena from Mother Inferior has discussed whether it?s fair to just share the good moments with your followers/friends whilst omitting the not-so-harmonious times. What do you think? Is selective sharing misleading or are you simply keeping your happy space in check?

Emma from Island Living 365 has also touched upon authenticity in her recent post ?Being A Digital Influencer Isn?t All About The Numbers? saying ?It feels like 2017 could be the year for authenticity. Be yourself and hopefully a brand will want to work with you.?


I adore using Instagram Stories. Infact, I probably post more regularly on my stories than I do on my feed itself. Oops! If you?re not sure about stories or confused about getting started then head over to Midwife and Life where Jenny has very kindly written a ?how to? post together with her top tips for getting noticed and reaching a wider audience.

I?d also add that popping the location on your Instagram Stories can also help boost your reach too as, just like hashtags, they now have their own stories as well. I?ve been lucky enough to gain quite a few local followers this way who are interested in my reviews of attractions and services within our surrounding area.

Lastly, here?s your monthly dose of insta inspiration with my five favourite feeds from June?

@cecilia.leslie07  ? Cecilia has a beautifully colorful feed and, like myself, she focuses on eco parenting and ethical shopping. She?s also the creator of the wonderful #dresskids_likekids hashtag which brings together posts taking a united stand against gendered kid?s clothes and honing in on those togs that are comfortable and fun for little ones to play in.

@rachelanne_bee ? Rachel shares some gloriously gorgeous outdoor shots over on her Instagram with a light, airy feel and lots of floral and greenery. 

@dancingdandelionsblog ? Another outdoor-sy feed comes from the lovely Laura with pops of bright colour and lots of adventures/memories to be cherished.

@treasureeverym ? Firstly, can I just say a huge congratulations to Helen who gave birth to her second child, Poppy, this month. Capturing the beauty in everything, she shares the delights of raising two girls under three with lots of cuteness and oddles of baby spam. 

@thelittlestdarlings ? The definition of country life, I?m a big fan of Nicole?s photographs. They?re reminiscent of a children?s story aren?t they? So inspirational and pretty.

See you next month and rememeber, if you?ve got anything to share then please get in touch!

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