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Posted on Jun 7, 2016

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As bloggers, we have our fingers in several social media pies! The best advice I could give is that you don?t need to be completely active on every single form of social media, it would be impossible and you wouldn?t have much of a life. Choose a couple that work really well for you and your blog and use them well. Personally, I am rubbish on Facebook and Pinterest yet I have managed to build a fairly large and engaged audience both on Twitter and Instagram. Twitter brings in a lot of blog traffic for me and the larger my audience gets on Instagram the more brands approach me for sponsored Instagram posts. 

I recently wrote what has turned into one of my most viewed posts on the blog ?Get on your Instagram ?A? game (and how I went from 5K to 10K followers in 5 months) in this post I explain that there is a reason I want to see quick growth over on Instagram. Yes I love photography and the community feel over there but for me my main reason for growing my Instagram following is that it allows me to make extra revenue by charging brands to appear there. 

For this month?s round-up I?m looking at people that use Instagram for sponsored posts and how they incorporate the images into their feed, this include celebrities and also a couple of hugely successful bloggers from within the parent blogger community. 

First up is Tigerlilly quinn, Fritha?s Instagram is a wonderful mix of colourful and playful posts that show us her everyday family life as well as lots of super stylish lifestyle shots. Fritha recently posted a few pics from a brilliant photo shoot sponsored by a balloon company. In Fritha?s post ?Upping your game on Instagram? she talks about the day-to-day inspiration she gets from Instagram and explains that using Instagram helps keep her readers connected in-between blog posts. I love the way Fritha has turned this sponsored work into a fun post that oozes style and I can see people running out to buy balloons for their own photo shoots which is exactly what the balloon company want! *puts heart shaped balloons on shopping list*

Of course, we know celebs make lots of money from selling products on Instagram by endorsing them. One thing you do need to be mindful of when you?re famous and managing your own uploads is writing your own engaging description and not just copying and pasting in what the PR has sent you. Unlike Scott Disick who made a bit of a faux pas with his weird looking description recently. Oops!

While we?re on the subject of looking at the way you?re wording things ? hashtags, they are one of the most effective marketing tools within the social media landscape ? it?s a good idea to see how the hashtags look when written down, no spacing in-between words could spell out a rather embarrassing #hashtagfail if you?re not careful!

Another brilliant example of how to get sponsored work spot on without any disastrous antics is from Aby at You Baby Me Mummy. Aby?s feed has a definite theme of daughter Baby, it?s full of beautiful portraits and inspirational microblogging. Aby is has a real knack of using Instagram for sponsored work without compromising her feed with an image that looks out of place. 

Both Aby?s and Fritha?s Instagram feeds have completely different styles but they both nail naturally incorporating sponsored posts into their galleries without them feeling ?too sponsored? we can all learn from this when taking on our own brand work. 

So once you?ve built up your following to super stardom status you might one day be on par with the celebrities making a serious income from enticing followers to buy into their lifestyle. Here?s a breakdown of ?how much celebrities make in the Instagram product placement machine?.

Now all I need is another 13 million followers and I can retire?

As always I am ending this round-up with 5 of my favourite Instagrammers, here are my top picks for this month:

@cardiffmummysays? A mum of three children age six and under, writing about life in Wales?s capital city and beyond.

@missOuna-Life with her ?Little Lady Lyra? and a brand rep for some beautiful Instagram shops

@thejoyoffive-A blogging mum of five that tries to fill her children?s hearts and heads with as many precious memories as she can!

@imeverymum-Beautiful snapshots of family life with four children and creator of #CelebratingMotherhoodIG whatever form it takes

@zenassuitcase-Posts family travel, fun and adventure. 

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