?It looked like Valtteri jumped the start?: Austrian GP race team radio highlights | 2017 Austrian Grand Prix

Posted on Jul 11, 2017

Sebastian Vettel wasn?t the only driver who was suspicious about how quickly Valtteri Bottas got away in the Austrian Grand Prix. Daniel Ricciardo also suggested the pole sitter had jumped the start.

Here are the team radio highlights from Sunday?s race.

Although race control advised the teams they faced a ?60% chance? of rain during the race, none materialised.

To Ericsson: ?12 minutes to go. Still no rain clouds visible on the radar.?

Start, Red Bull Ring, 20172017 Austrian Grand Prix in picturesA first-corner collision triggered by Daniil Kvyat wiped out Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso.

?Fernando any damage??
Alonso: ?Yeah, a lot, a lot of damage. I don?t know why they pushed me so much.?

Meanwhile Valtteri Bottas?s pursuers raised questions about his remarkable getaway.

Ricciardo: ?I?m sure it?s alright but it looked like Valtteri jumped the start.?
?OK we?ll pass it on.?

?Kimi is 4.2 behind Ricciardo.?
Vettel: ?Any update on his jump start??

To Perez: ?Tyres are good. Hamilton on super-soft struggling with rears.?

To Hamilton: ?Front-left brake is climbing. Do what you can do to keep it cool.?

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Kimi Raikkonen came under pressure from Hamilton but wasn?t happy about how the lapped drivers were conducting themselves.

Raikkonen: ?Not any more [censored by FOM] difficult place he might let me past, middle of the braking.?
?Copy. Very bad.?

To Raikkonen: ?OBR is available again if you need it. Overall pace is good Kimi.?

Mercedes eventually decided to pit Hamilton and Ferrari found themselves unable to protect Raikkonen?s position.

Hamilton: ?I?ve got to get by, guys.?
?Brakes are good. Box, box, do the opposite to Raikkonen.?

?And confirm boxing this lap Kimi.?
Raikkonen: ?OK.?
?Stay out. Lap mode race. Hamilton would be close so we decided to stay out.?

Raikkonen: ?I can?t take this one. If it?s a solid blue he needs to [censored by FOM] move out of the way.?

Hamilton: ?The rear end doesn?t feel good.?
?Last stint balance looked like it came together.?
Hamilton: ?Got far too much front wing?

At first Hamilton made little progress gaining on Ricciardo, but that soon changed.

To Ricciardo: ?Hamilton behind 8.9. He?s not quick.?

Hamilton: ?Is everything OK? Am I being investigated??
?Negative, that?s for Vandoorne. Raikkonen is not a threat at the moment.?

?Doing a really good job there Valtteri. Just keep us informed on tyres.?
Bottas: ?Yeah there?s not much left in the tyre.?

To Bottas: ?Kimi has not stopped yet. Don?t need to take any risk with him. Vettel is three seconds behind.?

Hamilton: ?Is it getting windier?
?Wind picking up a little bit in strength, just a couple of KPH. Keep something in the bag for later.?

An unimpressed Carlos Sainz Jnr retired after struggling with power unit problems from the start.

Sainz: ?What a glorious race.?
?Sorry for that. Nothing much to add, quite frustrating. Despite the problem you did good.?

Hamilton continued to indicate he was dissatisfied with his car, but from lap 53 he increased his pace and was quicker than Ricciardo more often than not.

To Raikkonen: ?Hamilton 8.9 in free air, he?s seemingly degging off on his qualis. Good lap Kimi, half a second quicker than Hamilton.?

Hamilton: ?We?re struggling out here.?
?Copy. We?ll have a look at options.?

To Ricciardo: ?Hamilton still isn?t quick. He can do 8.4s. Still four seconds behind you. You?re doing a good job.?

To Bottas: ?Caution turn ten kerb loads, a couple of laps ago we saw a high one.?

Raikkonen: ?That [censored by FOM] idiot is moving in the braking area and I am forced to go on the marbles.?
?We?ve spoken with Charlie.?

Hamilton launched his bid to pass Ricciardo for third but couldn?t quite make it.

Hamilton: ?Some blistering on my front tyres.?
?Yeah should be nothing to worry about. Ricciardo at 8.2, gap 2.3.?

Hamilton: ?I need everything now.?
?You have a couple laps going at it so use it when you need.?

?You do have overtake available.?
Hamilton: ?Just leave me alone now Bono.?

To Ricciardo: ?OK mate this is the last lap, this is for the podium. Get your elbows out.?

?Yes! Great job, really good job!?
Bottas: ?Yes! Yeah guys. Thank you. Feels good. Car was amazing.?

The full race radio transcript will be published later.

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