Italians do it better ?

Posted on Oct 16, 2015

imageA week doesn?t pass by when I don?t receive some sort of press release informing me of how badly British men dress or the fact that Italian men are the best dressed in Europe. Now in my experience not all British men are badly dressed, take for example David Beckham, Dermot O?Leary, Bill Nighy, Jamie Dornan, HRH Prince Charles and James Corden. And in the same respect not all Italian men are Satorially sauve, for example Mario Balotelli or, well let?s leave it at that, I believe if you have nothing nice to say than don?t say anything.

But one matter is very true is the esteem well dressed Italian aficionados hold traditional, quality, well designed items, whether that be clothing, accesories or gadgets., Italy?s newest e-boutique and promoter of Made in Italy?s finest bottegas, completing dedicated to the very best that Italy has to offer.

imageCreated from the combination of two words, finest and aesthetic, is an e-boutique offering a window into Italy?s highest quality products, distinguished by the Made in Italy excellence, realised ??by renamed historic Italian brands and emerging young designers.
Capturing some a rare insider look into Milan?s renowned and much loved artisan ateliers, this month?s highlights include reportage of Antica Barbieria Colla, a barber from Ferrara Italy, opened in 1904 his first Milanese barber shop in Via Manzoni or Maglia, the most prestigious umbrella atelier in Milan, founded by Francesco Maglia in 1850. Maglia?s philosophy celebrates craftsmanship and perpetuates artisanal manufacturing and ancient manual expertise by using only primary materials made of brass, wood and iron.

Founder of this Aladin?s cave, Luca Gianmaria Catalano wanted to tell these interesting bottega stories by offering a visual narration that highlights all the rare qualities these artisans possess so that customers and visitors to the site could enjoy and appreciate the history and craftsmanship. This insider series takes the viewer backstage, giving each artisan an individual visual platform to tell their craftsmanship story.


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