It?s the real thing ? KIT NEALE X Coca Cola

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

imageThe Holy Grail for any brand is to be so identifiable with the mass populist that they don?t have to even feature their name. Many try, too achieve that true and heady status. Think about it McDonalds, Apple, Nike, Chanel, but one brand that is the real Daddy when it comes to this practice, that has to be Coca Cola ! I mean, all we need to see is the silhouette of their iconic bottle and it?s enough to get our mouth?s watering.

imageFor Spring of this year the fizzy beverage global superbrand have teamed up with one of Britain?s brightest creative design talents in Kit Neale, who has produced a vibrant and fun collection which provides a wide range of playful pieces including Silk bomber jackets.

Neale launched his signiture brand back in early 2012 and has built its name through pioneering quirky statement prints on wearable wardrobe staples with a unique larger than life perspective.


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