Life Changes Round-up: Focusing on the positive

Posted on May 19, 2016

paper dolls by Ink Drop via ShutterstockNegativity is one of those things we can never completely and totally bulletproof ourselves against. On the other hand, by choosing to make somewhat small but significant changes, we can all learn to efficiently and productively counteract its destructive effects from our lives.

From the word go, Fritha, from Tigerlilly Quinn differentiates wisely between depression, which can not be lifted by simply thinking happy thoughts, and a day-to-day negative attitude which can make life appear dull and oppressive. She writes a beautifully eloquent post about things that have influenced her positive personal outlook on life: picking her life battles wisely, paying less attention to conventions and social expectations and filling her life with beautiful things and inspirational people.

For Alex, from Lamb and Bear, choosing to actively counterattack the negativity brought into her life by a wave of unfortunate events and the emotional distress they could have naturally caused, seem to be the key to moving forward. Alex chooses to focus on the positive as a way to mold and shape her future and we can only admire her attitude and resilience.

For Ali, from Mum In A Nutshell, the key to keeping happy and remaining focused and positive has been planning. Ali writes about her long term plans which give her a bird?s-eye perspective when the going gets tough and about her short planning, which she has perfected down to a tee and ensures the day to day goals align with the long term plans!

Paradoxically, for Rachel, from the Ordinary Lovely, who ponders in a serene post on coming of age in more than one way, making lists is the last thing that would cross her mind when reflecting on positivity. Her only goals at the moment are ?to be kind, work hard, smile, and take chances? and we do revere at their simplicity and the sense of contentment transcending from her post.

For Ally, from Mother Under Measure, the secret to positivity is smartly turning negative energy to her advantage, focusing on the good things in her life and making changes that ensure both her little boy?s happiness and their future together. Having followed Ally?s brave battle with depression, we cannot feel but admiration for her determination to focus on the positive and work tirelessly towards a happier self and future!

Finally, Nadine from JuggleMum lists a number of things that have, over the years, made a positive impact on her outlook on life: self-awareness balanced by self-acceptance, vulnerability and knowing when not to take perfectionism to an extreme. In short, knowing yourself well enough to use your strong points to your advantage but never putting yourself down for the shortfalls you are bound to have as a human being.

Seeking beauty and inspiration, having an actively positive attitude in the face of hardship, planning ahead or going with the flow of life, picking oneself up time and again and facing life with bravery and self-acceptance are all keys to embracing our existence and living it gracefully and positively.

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