Mechanic Resurrection Review: 3 Ups & 7 Downs

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Mechanic Resurrection Jason Statham Sam Hazeldine Summit Entertainment

Don’t blame yourself if you didn’t realise it, but yes, Jason Statham has a new movie in cinemas, and it’s a sequel to a surprisingly entertaining 2011 actioner you may easily have missed.

The Mechanic came and went without much fanfare, and so it’s a surprise that a studio banked on giving The Stath another go-around with this character, especially with so little effort being put into, well, everything.

Yes, it will shock few that critics are piling on Mechanic: Resurrection, which wasn’t even screened for most of the press, as is always a damning sign. Despite a few fun takeaways, this is agonisingly lazy, forgettable action fare and a major step down from Statham’s usual quality. Buyer beware.

Here are 3 ups and 7 downs from Mechanic: Resurrection…

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