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Posted on Aug 3, 2015

Start, Monza, 2014In the round-up: The mayor of Lombardy is optimistic of signing a new Italian Grand Prix for Monza next month.


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Monza inching closer to fresh Italian GP deal (F1i)

“With an investment tax free, we can close the deal with Ecclestone by early September.”

Baku street layout ready for sign-off by FIA (Motosport)

“The circuit will be capable of hosting 19,000 seated spectators, but organisers are also considering a general admission area to increase capacity.”

Alonso: Pit-lane push underlines love for F1 (Crash)

“Every race is a test for us – we need to keep improving and we need to keep growing.”

Johansson: Haas has done its homework ahead of F1 entry (NBC)

“If I was Manor and I was offered a Ferrari I?d jump at it! Who wouldn?t?”


Comment of the day

Rubens Barrichello, Stewart-Ford SF1, Melbourne, 1997I absolutely share this enthusiasm for the return of wide F1 cars since the narrow-track rules came into force in 1998:

When I started watching F1 on TV back in 2000, we also had CART/Champ Car coverage by ESPN in India. I used to wonder why don?t F1 cars look as wide as those sleek CART Lolas and Reynards? A few years later I learnt that they didn?t look as wide because they weren?t wide, with narrow track coming in since 1998.

For over ten years I longed to see wide track return to F1. I?m so, so happy now ? my dream is coming true. Now the cars will look infinitely more attractive and finally, WIDE, the way racing cars should always be!

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Daniel, Nefer and Gilles De Wilde!

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On this day in F1

Jochen Rindt took his final grand prix victory 45 years ago today in the German Grand Prix. This was the first world championship race held on the Hockenheimring.

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