Morphology ? The appliance of science ?to face preservation ? Lab Series MAX LS Age-Less Power V lifting Cream by Amanda Lewis

Posted on Mar 20, 2015

imageOK we?ve told you all about LAB Series before, how they were the first male only skin care ? premium range. But they keep coming up with such great products that we just gotta share them with you, honest.
Take the MAX LS Ageless Power V Lifting Cream ? it?s been developed to improve and tone that definer of masculinity ? the jawbone. This anti-ageing innovation is designed to fight gravity, no not in some Superhuman kinda way and this formula has an intuitive technology that targets areas that could be probe to sagging or in need of some tightening. (ok just the face guys; we haven?t tried it anywhere else.!!!)

It does all this and offers 5 high performance benefits

1) It boosts Moisture

2) Minimises the look of Wrinkles

3) Improves Skin?s look of firmness and elasticity

5) Lifts Skin?s Appearance

Ok the techy stuff, LS power has a five dimensional approach to redefine, result the face, and boost moisture, minimise the look of wrinkles, lift and tighten contours. How? By LS Power V technology and molecular age less complex, yup were none the wiser but it seemed to do the trick!

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