Mr MAN ? MR, the new haircare range from Jamie Stevens

Posted on Mar 27, 2016

imageJamie Stevens is no stranger to Clothes-Make-the-Man having in the past offered us advice on the latest hairstyles for that coming season and neither is he any stranger to being on our TV Screens, being a regular fixture on This Morning and the resident stylist for X Factor for four years. He is three-time winner of Men?s hairdresser of the year (and is exempt from winning the prize again) and in 2015 was entered into the British Hairdressing Awards hall of fame. He is the youngest ever nominee for Hairdresser of the Year, an award he has been nominated for four times.

His latest venture sees him launching an innovative new men?s haircare system, called MR designed to combat the challenges associated with hair thinning, whilst also being perfectly suitable for all men to keep hair strong and healthy. Three years in development, Stevens worked with some of the leading  scientists to develop MR. drawing on the most advanced science and industry innovations, to deliver targeted solutions.

As people age hair begins to thin ? an inescapable fact, I?m afraid ? which is a result of the active growth cycle slowing down so lost hairs are not replaced as quickly. However, this common complaint is still seen as a largely taboo subject despite findings from research showing the fact that 56% of young men (aged 18-24 years old) and 33% of ALL men have concerns and anxieties over it and, until now, there has been very little on the market to actively and effectively target this problem.

MR. is divided into three categories, Disguise, Thicken and Style, the line-up is a clearly defined range of 12 products, all containing a unique active complex designed specifically for this collection ? System- PPXTM ? proven to help promote thicker, hydrated and stronger hair.

Disguise contains two hero products, the MR. Hair Fibres and MR. Disguise Spray, both of which are designed to subtly, but effectively, mask areas of hair loss. The Spray adds colour to the scalp, to disguise thinning and receding areas and the Hair Fibres attach to existing hair, to make it look fuller and thicker. Results are truly unprecedented. The Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment within the Thicken category all create healthy strong, thick hair and the seven Style products incorporate formulas to help support the strength and structure of the hair.

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