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Posted on Apr 13, 2016

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We all use Facebook daily to share information and communicate with friends we don?t get to see all the time so when we make the transition into small business owner/pro blogger; Facebook is always our first point of call.  Sharing content is the easy bit getting people to engage and interact with you is another! I?ve pooled together a list of super tips from people winning when it comes to Facebook. 

If you?ll be using Facebook to sell a product you need to ensure you strike the right balance. Nobody wants to be sold to constantly. Think outside the box, don?t always just share product shots and links. Think about ?styling? your images, images that sell a lifestyle, a situation rather than just the product. For example: Valentine?s Card you might use an image that shows a couple hugging, whilst one is holding your card or a table with roses, chocolates and wine with the card. These visual clues will help sell more than a card on a white background. 

Although we all know it?s quality over quantity we all really want to increase our likes. I mean who doesn?t! Yes it?s a vanity thing but hey! I really want to hit 2,000 likes on Facebook before June (*cough if you don?t already you can find me here cough*) and it?s great to have a target and be still working on growing your following not just communicating with them. Vicky Charles has a great podcast 5 ways to get more facebook page likes.  Which includes the handy tool to invite people who have shown an interest to like your page, which is great if you run competitions or boost posts. 

Reach is also a key factor of a successful Facebook page. I increased my Facebook reach in a week, it?s hard work keeping on top of all my suggestions but I stick to a few and my reach even in the holidays when people aren?t working is still around 2,500-3,000.   Make sure you use your insights to gage what time of the day you hit the most reach and what kind of medium (ie. status updates, links, images, video) you used.   

As with anything once you get into the swing of things Facebook makes a few changes to throw you off course! Amanda from VACT outlines the 5 changes admins need to know about.  I know the moving of the home feed has really confused many small businesses! I?m always of the opinion if it ain?t broke don?t fix it but Facebook always appears to have other ideas! Give it 6 months and we?ll all have forgotten how annoying these changes are! 

It?s important to remember though that you don?t own the content on Facebook. Facebook do. You should always be trying to convert those likes into email subscribers. Nicky Rees? shares 4 really quick ways to use Facebook to grow your list.   Using the description box on images is really underused by businesses I see many pages that leave this space blank.  

If you have any top tips for using Facebook for Business do share them in the comments.  Next month?s theme is driving traffic to your website. Please do tweet your blog links to @CharlieMoos.

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