Mums in Business Round-up: YouTube tips & hints

Posted on Jun 11, 2017

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Most small businesses and bloggers have a YouTube channel, as lets face it with social media we feel like we have to have one of everything.  I can see the value in creating visual content but it?s not something I enjoy doing.  I don?t have great software and quite frankly everytime I try to do any videos it goes wrong. Like the time I tried to upload the dance video from Megan?s birthday party but I also wanted to add overlays especially as a couple of girls did cartwheels wearing skirts. I couldn?t do this on my imovie or YouTube editing as it had copyrighted music. In the end I had to save it without the music, edit then put the music back over the top and it took ages and ages and well was a real pain in the butt. Added to the fact that only 70 people watched it and I?m pretty sure 69 of them were Megan. It PUTS me right off! But luckily I found some super YouTube experts to give you some tips for creating great video content. 

Do you have a Channel Trailer? Nope me neither (adds to ever growing to do list). Wondering what to include or how to create a great trailer? Check out this post from Amanda at Spiderworking, her tips and examples are really useful including considering ?your trailer isn?t an advert for your business but an advert for your YouTube channel.? 

Monetising Your YouTube Channel : If you want to earn a passive income from your YouTube channel you will need to think about monetising it. 

How To Create YouTube Thumbnails That Get Your Videos Clicked : Another excellent post from Amanda at Spiderworking on creating thumbnails. I think people under estimate the significance and importance of thumbnails, plus I don?t know about you but why does YouTube always auto select a thumbnail whereby I look bizarre! The text and branding factor is really paramount as it helps your videos to stand out from everyone else?s. It also helps to streamline you so you look the same on every platform. 

How to use YouTube end screens to drive video views, YouTube subscriptions, leads and sales : Krishna De has an excellent tutorial on using end screens to drive the viewer to specific areas. I didn?t even know this was a thing! How cool is it that Krishna was able to end her videos with a clickable call to action to schedule a meeting with Krishna.  

Wow! Who knew there was so many actionable small business opportunities using You Tube. Don?t forget you can follow Britmums on YouTube too. 

If you have any top tips regarding YouTube do share them in the comments below.  Next month?s theme is using The Importance of Print Advertising. Please do tweet your blog post links to @CharlieMoos.

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