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Posted on Aug 30, 2016

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This month sees my littlest girl turn 3! I cant even find the word to describe the mixture of love, happiness and pure heart ache that this brings. But it got me to thinking about birthdays and how we celebrate? We are more a ?low key tea party and cake? type of family. Although we have been known to throw a party or two. I will admit though I like to keep things simple, I feel young kids don?t really need much more that the chance to be a bit crazy and eat then leave with something in their hands. (Normally books are our choice of parting gift).

So here are some posts to help you on your merry way to a happy birthday party?

Joanne has some tips for planning a party and I just love her party bags. So much better that a bag of plastic junk. Of course part of the planning is waiting for your RSVP?s and if you haven?t yet thrown a big party you may not know the worry and frustration that can come with this. Emma hits the nail on the head with this post asking if there is a decreasing etiquette wen it comes to RSVP?s ? But I have to say I?m with her , not replying is rude and leads to awkwardness and embarrassment.

Back to the actual party though Jen has a great recipe for super simple but truly gorgeous looking birthday cake. I love that its a one step mix, because I will be honest, I?m a really lazy baker! It looks so effective and delicious though no one would ever know there is no stress to it  

I loved this post from Joy about planning partys with sensory needs in mind, it really struck a chord with me. We have to think a lot about our middle child?s environment as he can suffer with sensory overload. Joy has done a lot of research into the best ways to accommodate both sensory seekers and avoiders, it?s a brilliant read.

Whilst I bemoan the late summer birthday of my youngest and problems that come with having a birthday in the school holidays. I can?t  imagine the issues that come with having a birthday on Christmas Eve. When half the world is focused on the very next day. Here Susan talks about how they?ve celebrated so far and her plans for future birthdays, would you go for two birthdays like the queen? I think I would.

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