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Posted on Feb 10, 2015

MBPWDid you get some snow? We got the tiniest flurry this week in the southern corner which excited my twins immensely, it didn?t prevent dad going to work or shut the school however so or the UK is becoming more organised and can now deal with 1cm of snow or it wasn?t even a centimetre.

Cold. Freezing cold, and isn?t it always the same that the one week you need all of the gloves, hats and scarves on they?ve all gone missing or are dirty. We have also managed to somehow misplace three school cardigans this week which have names in them. I am not amused.

Last week I was telling you about my champagne lifestyle and now I can reveal why ? I got to taste the BAFTA menu that the celebs will be eating this weekend, Grosvenor House are already starting to get the Great Room ready for Sunday, how exciting!

My Best Post of The Week however has to be the one dedicated to Emma Salisbury, the Tesco Achieving Mum of the Year. Do read what she has accomplished in order to save her son?s sight, an awesome lady.

Choose your best post of the week and add it to the Linky below, please try and visit two other blogs and leave a comment but above all have a fabulous weekend.

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