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Posted on Apr 14, 2016

Newbies badgeWelcome back to another edition of my Newbie Round-up and as usual I am blown away by the talent of the ?newbies?.  A talent that you could be forgiven for assuming a ?newbie? wouldn?t possess; but they do. They write, just like the most talented and experienced bloggers on a wide variety of topics.  They make us laugh, they make us cry, but most of all they make us feel.  To me that is the greatest gift a writer can have.

I decided to focus this month on the powerful posts which I have read from our rookies this month. Kicking off with Jonah and the Whale from So this is Mrs T. In this post Katie spoke so beautifully about the progress her son, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, has made. It was so wonderful to read and I am sure her words will give such positivity to people in a similar position.  Children can truly achieve so much when they are loved and supported.

Emma from Jigsaw Parenting does a great deal to support other mums who are suffering from mental illness. In her post This is why you are not your thoughts she draws on all her personal experience of counselling, to share with us how we should be reframing our negative thoughts in order to start to live a more positive and happier life.

Posts about children can be extremely evoking and non more than To my hero from The Intolerant Gourmand. Nathalie shared the powerful and emotional story of her son?s battle with severe allergies and other illnesses. Such a heartbreaking experience, but so fabulous to see the up-to-date photos of her son, Callum,  looking so well. This post will be such a comfort to any parents out there experiencing allergy issues with their children.

My battle with Depression from Babi a Fi was another stand-out post this month.  Jess writes so bravely and beautifully about her on-going battle with depression.  Her words are straight from the heart, as she describes her past and current experiences with the illness.  For every person that shares their struggles with mental health, as Jess has so eloquently, the more people will realise a mental illness is no more longed for, or your fault, than a physical illness is.  So thank you Jess for helping to eradicate the stigma.

There is no doubt that motherhood can be tough. In her Letter to me Lindsay from Have you seen that girl?.? talks about writing to her pre-child self and she covers so many issues that mums could face. Her writing is emotional, powerful and her experience is testament to that fact that if we all believe, we can all get through the tough times. We need to share and get the right help.  

I am not quite sure where the need to be the perfect mum comes from, but I know I am not the only mum to experience guilt more significantly since having my child. We always think we could be doing more and sometimes even have feelings of failure when we don?t meet our unachievable ideals. Saying goodbye to not good enough written by Amanda from The Spirit Kid Network explores these feelings, and in a thought provoking post helps us to see that we are good enough as we are. 

I?m a CF Mummy from Cecil?s Studio is a post that captivated me from the first few words. Describing her daughter Pinkie?s Cystic Fibrosis and their journey so far with such a warmth, positivity and eloquence that few writers could dream of. Pinkie is very lucky to have such a strong mama in her corner.

There you have it, my round-up for April; I hope you pop over and read these posts, you won?t regret it. There is such a great deal of talent in British blogging it makes me very proud indeed.

I can be found over at You Baby Me Mummy, @Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  If you would like to submit a post for consideration please email me on [email protected]

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