Newbie Tuesday roundup: Worry

Posted on Aug 8, 2015

newbie round-upWelcome to this month?s pick of the best new parenting blogs. Worry is a theme which comes up again and again in blog posts about raising children, and I?ve found some brilliant posts recently that most parents will identify with. Luckily, I?ve also found some tips to help you keep it together, and something to make you laugh along the way.

I read this post a long time ago, but have only just found the right Newbie Tuesday roundup to add it to. Gemma the Family Girl is a single mum writing about life with her family, like many of us. From time to time though, she writes about mental health, and specifically, in this post, how to deal with anxiety and depression. I think it?s massively important to raise awareness of mental health, but I particularly like it when a post gives practical tips on dealing with how it makes you feel. 

Many of us don?t notice, or suffer from anxiety until we become parents. There?s something about the vulnerability of a child, and the strength of your emotions for your own baby that ? whilst ensuring the survival of the next generation ? brings out the worst of your worries. Lorraine, at Baby Pebbles is experiencing that this week, as she talks about anxiety over her daughter. How many of us can relate to her words?

Our anxiety stretches to all aspects of our parenting. Are they getting enough sleep? Am I getting enough sleep? Do we have enough money? Should we have another one? Naomi, at Keeping up with the Family, is insistent that her children have a regular bedtime ? it makes them happier ? and explores the difficulties of keeping to that routine. And Lucy, at Bottle for 2, could be me 8 years ago, as I waited to see what effect the arrival of the Bug would have on my relationship with my daughter ? and on my own health?

They tell you that as a parent you never stop worrying, and Mr and Mrs T Plus 3 will agree with them. She writes about the day her daughter announced that she had a boyfriend with equal parts humour to angst, as she sheds some light on how the teenage years might go. If you think you need to worry about your 5 year old, you might need to relax now and gather strength for the onslaught of growing up!

In the case of a child with additional needs, the anxiety you experience as a parent is even more acute. Quite aside from any medical or social needs your child might have when they are young, and dependent on you, there is an added worry about how they will thrive in a world which doesn?t understand their condition. At Do You Speak Autism, Holly investigates the need to make sure other people are aware of her child?s needs, so that he is treated fairly as he grows up. It?s a sobering take on the in case of emergency notification.

Finally, and to end on a lighter note, you worry that your children might grow up with all your bad habits. Northern Dad will make you laugh about the inappropriate things he?s said in front of the kids ? complete with swear words!

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