One Love ? Camper One

Posted on May 30, 2016


imageCustomisation is big business, no one wants to conform to some uniform totalitarian Orwellian approach to style where we all look and dress the same. Although we may all want to fit in we all crave that little bit of difference which sets us apart from everyone else.

Well let me introduce you to Camper One, from the Spanish footwear legend. This initiative gives you the opportunity to design your own shoe. Customers can choose from a range of leathers, sole colours, laces, logos, and other details to complete their unique personalised look of two of their leading styles.

The Styles in question are the iconic Pelotas and it extra light sporty version, the Pelotas XLite. First produced in 1995, the original Pelotas was inspired by the retro aesthetics of footballs, basketballs, and rugby balls that were made from leather and stitched by hand. The result was an iconic shoe with a recognisable and unusual sole, which is comprised of 87 individual balls made from natural rubber and over 11 million people around the world have now worn a pair.

Camper One let you take control and play with a variety of shades to create a color-blocked look or just let the stitched bridge logo stand on its own. Plus, express your personality with text. Add your initials, name, or anything else you would like ? that fits in 12 characters.

This process from start to finish will see your shoes delivered to you WITHIN 4 WEEKS !




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