Origami Cat Finger Puppets/ Pencil Toppers (Back to School)

Posted on Aug 21, 2015

Soooo who is getting ready for Back to School? Are you? And do you like some Back to School Crafts?? Or do you simply love some Stationery Crafts regardless of the time of year?! Well today, I have some SUPER CUTE Pencil Toppers to share with you ? they are some Origami Cat Pencil toppers, that also work REALLY well as adorable little Cat Finger Puppets. So whether you are into stationery crafts or not, you make like these cute little kittens anyway! All you need is a bit of paper some pens and off you go to creating you very own little Origami Kitten Puppets/ Pencil Toppers.

Origami Cat Finger Puppet and Pencil Topper THUMBNAIL PORTRAIT

These little cats are part of a challenge that Jenny and I set each other on YouTube. She created some Cat Pencil Toppers made from Origami.. and I came up with my own Cat Pencil Topper craft for you too!

Origami Cat Finger Puppet and Pencil Topper THUMBNAIL

Aren?t they simply the cutest?! Love how you can add lots of little details ? such as ties, handbags, bow ties and pockets with a pen!

Origami Cat Finger Puppet and Pencil Topper 2 THUMBNAIL

Want to know how to make your own little Origami Kittens? Check out Jenny?s wonderful Origami Video How To:

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