15 Things You Need To Know About Chyna

Posted on 8:19 am

The NWO, #1 contender, teaching English, Terminator 3, a porn career and plenty more! WWE.com After ?Stone Cold? Steve Austin?s recent Vince McMahon interview proved a huge success for both he and the WWE, it was decided that the Texas Rattlesnake would return to carry out another one of his Steve Austin Show podcasts in conjunction with the WWE Network. This time his guest was WWE COO and cornerstone of the company, HHH. Of the various subjects that were raised by ?Stone Cold?, one that garnered particular interest online was the topic of Chyna. Undoubtedly a truly ground-breaking female talent, the real-life Joanie Laurer is surely a no-brainer for the WWE Hall of Fame at some point, right? Maybe not, for the WWE jury is still out on that issue. HHH essentially questioned some of Chyna?s life choices and decisions as to why she maybe may not be such an ideal candidate for the Hall of Fame, and it?s fair to say that the Ninth Wonder of the World has certainly seen more than her fair share of ups and downs throughout her career and her life. Whether Chyna does end up in the Hall of Fame on day, we?ll have to wait and see. For now, here?s 15 facts that you need to know about this unique talent. Website...

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The Buyer?s Guide to Spring 2015 ? Thom Scherdel ? TheIdleman.com

Posted on 2:21 am

In the overcrowded and highly competitive world of e-commerce, there?s a new kid on the block, cutting their way through the slings and arrows of the internet. The Idle Man was launched last year by Ex-Asos head of Menswear, Oliver Tezcan, he gathered together a young team of writers, designers and buyers that all have a collectively passion for, music, food and of course style. They are focused solely on menswear and vow they will only ever stock the brands that they love at pocket friendly prices. No bootcut jeans, no string vests or anything else the team wouldn?t wear is their promise to us and have established a community that aims to entertain and educate, not patronise or intimidate, music to my ears. Thom Scherdel the Buyer over at the site is a brilliant example of this sterling team Tezcan has put together. Scherdel moved down from Louth in Lincolnshire at the age of 17 to attend, at that time, the newly founded Fashion Retail Academy, after graduating with flying colours and picking up the M&S Award for Endeavour (No I have no idea either). It was at Selfridges as a buyers assistant he started his career, then moving to TOPMAN where he spent three years buying external brands for the retailer. He then join The Idle Man back in August of last year as their Buyer. So without any further ado let?s see Thom top buys for Spring 2015. Imagine a white 501 with a modern tapered fit. The worlds favourite jean has been developed for a new generation and what better way to drive it home then in bright white. Its bold but looks fantastic how we?ve styled it with DM?s or a bright coloured pair of kicks. We?ve worked tirelessly to try and master the best suit for our customers. Simple single breasted one button fitted jacket with slimmed down peak lapels. The full suit is £80. You wont find a better one for that price. A great alternative to the more common sportswear offerings. Etonic have all the same heritage but a more simplistic in their delivery. This Trans Am Suede is a nice rework of a classic and the grey suede is perfect for the pending sunshiiiiiine. Time to move on from black skinny jeans?These Dickies 873 ?slim? pants are from their work wear collection and will instantly update your look for Spring. Keep it simple, wear with a XXL printed t-shirt and embrace the comfort and space. Nicce have managed to strike the right balance of being a logo brand and also having an amazing cut and sew collection. This sweat is a perfect example of the harmonious balance. Bit 90?s, bit contemporary, it?s a winner. Fancy a project for the summer, buy this Nudie 12.07oz dry raw denim jacket and wear the f*ck out of it and you will be amazed at the brand new jacket you have by the end of it. Nudie is made to be worn out, trust me this is the gift that keeps on giving. I don?t need to tell you what these are, you know what they are. I am merely telling you the time is now?bonus points if you can pair with some Karl Kani. Eastpak have just delivered some great colour ways on their classic...

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Going Cruzing ? The Braun Cruzer5

Posted on 8:19 pm

For the last few years we?ve had the notion of this is, ?The year of the Beard? force fed to us and having to endure endless images of ultra cool hipsters, not just confined to select areas of East London either, displaying flowers in their facial hair or growing beards longer and bushy then Merlin?s grandfather. Well the end does, I?m glad to say, seem to be in sight, I?m not calling for all beard wearers to be ceremoniously rounded up and slaughtered in a King Herod styleee, one step too far. I mean some of my best friends possess some of the finest examples of facial hair this side of Hoxton Square and that?s just the girls(permission to laugh now, granted). Those clever lil boffins over at Braun have come up with the CruZer5, with this wonderful gem of a gadget designed with a powerful triple action float system, making it the perfect choice for getting rid of unwanted facial hair at the touch of a button. The product also comes fitted with an integrated precision trimmer to create precise contours or add some sharp edges to help define your style, head-to-toe. Braun Creative Director, Fabio Vivan, added:?Male grooming has developed into so much more than simply removing hair; it?s a means of expressing your overall style and identity. Braun?s grooming products are the perfect tools for every man to achieve their desired image.? The three main attributes to the CruZer5 are that with its powerful triple action float system, the CruZer5 clean shave is ideal for getting rid of unwanted facial hair at the touch of a button. The twin foils and integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer while at the same time are being kind and gentle on your skin. Plus, if you don?t want to go totally clean shaven, it comes with an integrated precision trimmer to customise your style. Lastly, whether in or out of the shower, it?s up to you. The CruZer5 is completely washable and totally Waterproof. Source and more These are...

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Какво представлява сгъваемият стол за къмпинг?

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Какво представлява сгъваемият стол за къмпинг? За разлика от обикновените мебели, предназначени за поставяне в дома, сгъваемите маси и столове са изработени от леки материали, което ги прави лесни за пренасяне и подходящи за всякакви дейности на открито, при които човек се нуждае от удобно място за сядане. Тяхната способност да се сгъват и прибират в плоско състояние, заемайки компактни размери, ги превръща в удобно къмпинг оборудване, подходящо за риболов, поход с кола, плаж, излет сред природата или за поставяне в градината или на терасата. Освен за външни, сгъваемите столове се използват и за вътрешни мероприятия, събиращи големи групи от хора – погребения, религиозни служби, спортни събития или състезания. Те идват на помощ винаги, когато човек има нужда от допълнителен стол. Сгъваемият стол намира приложение и в професионалната борба – като оръжие срещу противника. История на сгъваемия стол Сгъваеми столове са се използвали още в Древен Египет, Гърция, Рим, както и от шведските викинги. Рамката на столовете в началото се е правела от дърво, рядко от метал. Дървесината е била инкрустирана с красиви художествени рисунки, била е украсявана и позлатявана допълнително, а понякога като допълнителен материал се е използвала и слонова кост. За разлика от днес, тогава те са служели повече като украса за дома, отколкото като необходима мебел за дома или оборудване за къмпинг. В Северна Европа са открити останките на 18 сгъваеми стола, за които се смята, че датират от Северноевропейската бронзова епоха – един от тях е известният сгъваем стол Daensen. През Средновековието сгъваемите столове са широко разпространени и се вписват с духа на времето като литургична мебел, поставена в църквите. Постепенно и през следващите епохи приложението на сгъваемите столове се разширява – неговата практичност е оценена и те започват да се използват все по-често не просто за украса на дома, но и за семейни събирания и мероприятия на открито. Сгъваемият стол е патентован през 1855 година в Съединените Щати от Джон Хам. Преди това, през 1947 година, Фредерик Арнолд създава първия алуминиев сгъваем стол със седалка и облегалка, изработени от лейкопласт. До 1957 година компанията на Фредерик Арнолд, намираща се в Бруклин, Ню Йорк, е произвеждала над 14 000 стола всеки ден. Малко по-късно при изработката на сгъваеми столове са включени вариации от други материали – твърда пластмаса, метал или дърво. Моделите се разрастват и усъвършенстват, а самите сгъваеми столове стават неразделна част от човешкия бит. Видове сгъваеми столове Дървени сгъваеми столове. Съществуват най-различни по дизайн видове сгъваеми столове, направени от дървен материал – от обикновени столове, подходящи за събития до стандартни градински столове. Неоспорим факт е, че дървеният материал допринася за добрия външен вид на сгъваемия стол – един дървен стол изглежда много по-изискано от пластмасовия си или метален конкурент. Дори се изработват специални дървени сгъваеми столове, предназначени за официални поводи, като сватби, коктейли, партита и най-различни събития, изискващи стилно обзавеждане и декорация. Този тип столове се отличава с по-сложен дизайн, украса на дървения материал, подплатени седалки и подлакътници. Дървените сгъваеми столове често приличат на обикновените, предназначени за трапезария, с тази разлика, че първите могат да се сгъват, да се прибират на скрито място, от където да се вадят само при нужда или за специални поводи. Пластмасови сгъваеми столове. Столовете, изработени от пластмаса, са често използвани за различни събития и дейности, при които красивото обзавеждане не е от първостепенно значение. Те са по-евтини от...

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Redcurrant No Bake Cheesecake Recipe for Valentine?s Day

Posted on 9:11 am

Mmmmh. Nom nom nom. Today, we have a DELICIOUS looking Valentine?s Day Treat for you ? No Bake Cheesecake. Ooooh so good. My mouth is watering already! I know that we will have to have a go at making this delicious looking recipe! Chris is joining us once again in this year?s 31 Days of Love series. Celebrating bloggers from around the world and all their fantastic Valentine?s Day Activities, Ideas and Crafts! Over to Chris! Hello! I?m Chris and I blog at Life is Delicious where I share vegetarian recipes as well as crafts and lifestyle ideas. You can find me on Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest and you can see my alter ego over on Thinly Spread. I?m always keen to get children involved in the kitchen and this recipe for a no bake cheesecake is really easy to make, produces delicious results and makes a glorious Valentine?s treat! How To Make Redcurrant No Bake Cheesecake ? Recipe Ingredients 100g digestive biscuits 50g butter 275g cream cheese 225ml double cream 50g icing sugar 1tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp lemon juice 25g redcurrants plus more for decorating You will also need a 20cm, loose bottomed, spring form cake tin or four adjustable heart shaped moulds which will expand and allow you to release your cheesecakes.  Method Lightly grease your tin or moulds with butter whizz the biscuits in a food processor until crumbed (children like putting the biscuits into a plastic bag and bashing them with a rolling pin which does the job just as well and is lots of fun!) Melt the butter in a saucepan and mix thoroughly into the biscuit crumbs Press the biscuit crumbs firmly into your tin or moulds Simmer your redcurrants in a pan until they release their juice and go nice and squishy Pass them though a fine plastic sieve to remove skin and seeds, pressing with a spoon to make sure you have extracted all the juice, allow to cool In a food processor, whisk together the cream cheese, vanilla, lemon juice, redcurrant juice and icing sugar until smooth Whisk the cream until it forms soft peaks and fold into the cream cheese mixture Spoon on top of the biscuit base, smooth the tops and refrigerate overnight Unmould carefully and serve garnished with a sprig of redcurrants or some rose petals for your loved one! More Ideas From Life is Delicious    Strawberries and Cream Cake Homemade Bath Bombs Asparagus Tart Thank you so much for having me here to share my Grown Up Valentine?s Treat ideas! Do visit Life is Delicious for more treats to woo your loved one! You may enjoy these 25 Valentine?s Day Treats! Take a peak or browse the 31 Days of Love posts here! Or check here for a set of NO CANDY Valentine?s Day Gifts to friends. Did you like this? Share it: Tags: 31 Days of Love, Cheesecake, no bake, No Bake Cheesecake, valentine’s day, valentines day treats Category: How To’s, Recipes, Valentines click...

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Chilli hot chocolate, 16p, and a broken foot, priceless.

Posted on 9:10 am

This morning I woke up, walked out of the bedroom, skidded down the stairs, and crashed my foot into the wall with the full force of my rapidly-descending body slamming behind it. I spent the rest of the morning in Charing Cross A&E, where despite looking extremely light on staff, I was seen relatively quickly, by a doctor who used to be a psychiatrist and before that lived in the Phillipines (we had a great food chat!) I had my wonky-looking foot X-Rayed by a very kind radiographer, the doctor set it and strapped it up, and I cleared a good deal of my work diary for the immediate future. Walking with a stick on bruises and fractures and sprains is not really conducive to prancing about in a kitchen testing recipes, well, not as early as Monday, anyway. BUT, I made a New Years resolution to cook or make something new every day ? so apologies that today?s may be fairly low level, but I can?t stand unaided right now and I?ve sprained my right shoulder, so chopping and slicing and dicing is temporarily beyond me? However, it?s something I?ve been meaning to get to grips with for a while, so simple it may be, but it?s also delicious, and comforting. Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary readers, I bring to you an oh so simple chilli hot chocolate? Serves two (you?ll probably want both!) 500ml milk (can be made with 4 rounded tbsp skimmed milk powder and 500ml water, 14p*) 50g dark chocolate (or more if you like), 17p* 1/8 teaspoon of dried chilli flakes, 1p 1 teaspoon sugar, optional. Grab a bowl and a small saucepan ? the right sizes so the bowl can rest on top of the pan without falling in or touching the bottom. Now put a few inches of water in the pan, but the water mustn?t touch the bottom of the bowl. Sounds more complicated than it is, I promise. The cooking term for this (for the uninitiated) is a ?Bain Marie?, and a lot of cookbooks dictate that water touching the bowl will burn the chocolate and make it taste bitter. I love a bit of theory, me. Are you all set? Then we?ll begin. Heat your water on a medium heat and break the chocolate into squares. Pop it in the bowl, with the chilli, and stir gently to melt it. When the chocolate is melted and glossy and delicious looking, add a splash of milk to thin it out, stirring well. Add a splash more, stir, splash, stir, until all your milk is incorporated. Sounds like a faff, but I found out the hard way that just slinging it all in a pan and cranking it up impatiently leads to a mug of warm milk with chocolatey lumps floating in it, which just isn?t nice. Unless you like that sort of thing. Anyway, when it?s a nice thin liquid consistency, remove the bowl and pan from the heat. Tip out any remaining water from the pan, place a sieve or tea strainer over it, and pour the hot chocolate through it to catch the chilli. Pop it back on the heat, crank it up to medium to heat through, and then ladle into mugs and enjoy. Simple. Comforting. Warming. Bliss....

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Kale, Barley and Cumin Soup, 37p

Posted on 9:09 am

Barley is one of the cheapest grains currently available in shops and supermarkets, and my mum made pearl barley soup for us when I was a child, loaded with tiny chopped spring vegetables, carrots, spring greens and nutty pearl barley. I?ve taken her Northern Irish heritage and added some of my favourite spices for a warming, wholesome soup. Soaking your barley overnight isn?t essential, but it softens it a little, which shortens the cooking time needed. If you forget to soak it, or decide to cook this off the cuff, just add half an hour to the cooking time from when you add the barley. Ingredients (Serves 4 generously and costs 37p per person, see below for how I worked that out!) 200g pearl barley, rinsed and soaked for an hour, 22p 3 small onions, red or white (300g), 19p 6 fat cloves of garlic, 11p 2 tbsp oil for frying, 4p one teaspoon cumin (2.5g), 5p two large carrots, grated (300g), 17p 1.5l good vegetable stock (or chicken, if you prefer), 4p one tablespoon sugar (13g), 1p half teaspoon turmeric (1.5g), 3p one tablespoon red or white wine vinegar, 3p zest and juice of a lemon, 22p 100g natural yoghurt, 10p a good handful of kale (50g), 25p First, rinse your barley, then cover with cold water and leave to soak for an hour or so, ideally overnight. When soaked, drain and rinse it, and set to one side.Then grate your lemon zest ? it?s easier to do it with a whole lemon than one that?s been halved and squeezed, so do it now and set to one side ? you?ll need it later. Finely slice two of your onions, peel and chop your garlic, and toss into a saucepan with the oil or butter, cumin, and a pinch of salt. Cook on a very low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally to cook evenly. When the onion and garlic are softened, grate one of your carrots and add to the onions and garlic, and stir. Add the barley, pour over the stock, squeeze in the lemon juice, and bring to the boil. Cover the pan and reduce to a simmer for 40 minutes, checking every now and again that there is enough liquid ? if the soup starts to dry out, add a cup of water and stir well. After half an hour, start to prepare your garnish for the top. Finely slice your last onion and grate your carrot, and pop into a frying pan with a little oil. Fry on a medium heat until soft. Add the sugar, cumin and vinegar and crank the heat up high to caramelise, stirring all the time to stop it sticking and burning. To serve, chop the kale and stir through. Ladle into bowls, and top with sour cream, spiced carrots and onions, and a pinch of lemon zest. Enjoy! All prices based on Sainsburys, and the Basics range where available, correct at time of blogging but subject to change as these things do? Pearl barley, 55p/500g. Basics Garlic, 35p/2 bulbs. Basics onions 95p/1.5kg. Ground cumin £1/46g. Basics carrots 85p/1.5kg. Basics vegetable stock cubes 25p/10. FairTrade granulated cane sugar 90p/1kg. FairTrade Turmeric £1/48g. Red wine vinegar £1.15/500ml. Basics Lemons, £1.10/5 lemons. Basics Natural yoghurt, 50p/500g. Kale £1/200g. (I created...

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Blog Giveaways Round-Up: Is it your lucky day?

Posted on 9:07 am

This month we are all preparing for the madness that the Danceathon from TeamHonk will bring. If you haven?t signed up yet, why on earth not? Get your dancing shoes on. With this in mind, I am picking a few blog giveaways from this month that might help you out either with a bit of pampering before the big day, or perhaps giving you a little bit of a chance to get some training in while the wee kiddies are entertained! First of all there is a giveaway on KiddyCharts (29/01), but this one also has the added wee twist that you get to give 50p to The Kids Company for every entry, and all you need to do is share a picture of your kids at play with the #KiddyPlay hashtag and you can win scooters from Microscooters for the whole family. A scooter would help you train for the Danceathon now, wouldn?t it? Over on Ghost Writer Mummy (05/02), you could get the baby bouncing at the same time as you?re training, with a lovely giveaway for a 2-in-1 Fisher-Price Sensory Stages bouncer. Now, did you know that you could eat chocolate as part of a balanced diet ? nope ? well over on Honest Mum (07/02), the lovely Vicki is giving away a sports performance chocolate gift pack. You may have thought that chocolate and performance weren?t words that would go hand in hand, but do check out the post and the giveaway; you may well be surprised! Once you have done a bit of training, perhaps you will need to relax; well the latest craze seems to be in adult colouring, so why not join the kids with the In the Playroom (09/02) giveaway for some amazing adult colouring books? That should chill you out after some hard boogie-ing, right? If you are looking for something to entertain the kids while you get down and get dirty dancing, then why not nip over to Bizzimummy?s World (05/02), where they are giving away an awesome DvD bundle for the kids. Perhaps you can pop it on while you tackle the rowing machine? *not advocating use of the TV as a babysitter, obvs* We all need a bit of comfort when we are exercising in the house ? it can?t be too hot, or too cold. Red Ted Art can help you out here by helping you to take control of your heating with Home with Hive. A lovely bit of kit for free that normally costs c. £199. What the Readhead said (06/02) has been exploring the gifts available at Ivy Cabin and is offering an item up to £30 in value for you to get from their site; and I am afraid that the Lego Crayons that she reviewed would have to be top of my list. They will entertain, but also, they look mighty fine too. May not actually be able to bring yourself to give them to the little ones to play with? *Lego envy* Glitterbelle looks great to keep kids happy too, and Given to Distracting Others (21/02) is giving away the whole range on her blog, so yet more to entertain while you get fit! Finally, if you deserve a treat for all the hard work that you have put in, enter The Purple Pumpkin Blog (02/02) Travelodge stay giveaway. You definitely need time to...

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