Party Inspiration Round-up: A visit from the Easter bunny

Posted on Apr 14, 2016


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This week whilst reading through the bright and beautiful Easter and Springtime posts that chirped at me from my email, I found a kindred spirit.  I have to admit, I held my breath as I read the post after scanning the title, but Mummy in a Tutu, I?m so excited for your little one to grow up and enjoy Easter celebrations as much as my boys do.  I?m often confused as to why others criticise people who love to spread joy and celebrate occasions in special ways ? and she describes her feelings perfectly.  Happy Easter!
In our own household, we enjoyed egg decorating ? we tried [messy, sticky] decoupage this year ? and we had a special visit from the Easter Bunny, one week later than expected as he got stuck in blizzards near Atlanta, don?t you know [it?s s long story]?  Therefore he left very snowy footprints through our home as he toted his baskets full of goodies into the living room.  We also managed to host our first full family Easter hunt this year, with Baby Hero understanding what was going on ? and we finished it up with an afternoon tea in the garden ? our Easter Bunny Eggstravaganza.  
My boys look forward to the Bunny?s hunt each year ? this is the first year that Baby Hero has been able to enjoy it properly.  If you?ve never organised one, and it all looks a bit confusing, then over at The Twinkle Diaries, there?s everything you need to know and more ready for next year!
Other keen egg hunters this year were the enthusiastic threenagers over at Edinburgh Life with Kids, they had the same idea as we do when it comes to Easter celebrations ? there?s nothing better than a bit of competition outdoors ? especially when it?s not all just about chocolate!  Head over and have a peep at what was inside their eggs, nestled in parts of a beautiful crocus filled garden.
Food plays a huge part of any Easter celebration ? I?m heading over to Chez Maximka?s next year for Easter lunch ? so many beautiful courses ? but the palate refresher has to be my favourite ? I?ve never actually eaten a salad with these ingredients and it sounds so perfect for Spring dinners!
After dinner there, you?ll find me knocking on the door at Mummy to the Max?s house for dessert ? I?m so in love with the little Peeps desserts, and not only those, but the gorgeous printables on her blog are perfect from keeping your little ones occupied whilst you?re getting everything ready!  
If you find yourself running out of time after all of your celebration preparations and chasing your Easter bunny tail like Capture by Lucy, inject a little sophistication with a fun twist into your menu with these macaron nests.  They?re simple, beautiful and I don?t know anyone who would be able to resist!
Not forgetting our teeniest little Easter bunnies this roundup ? there are some truly scrumptious looking treats for them showcased on the Hi Baby blog that are nutritious and just as tempting as any chocolate egg.  We?re a baby led weaning family and the last dish in her post is the sweetest ever.

Thank you for all of your posts; don?t forget, if you?ve been celebrating, share the good news!   

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