PCS union troll Francis Maude

Posted on Mar 4, 2015

With an election looming the final exchanges of numerous political battles are playing out, the most bitter of which feature antagonists who are not only at the end of a parliament ? but the end of their careers.

A case in point is that of union-busting Francis Maude, who was so annoyed by comments from the PCS union that there would be ?no tears? when the Horsham MP retires in May that he briefed a letter to Guido Fawkes.

Scrapbook has had sight of the response from general secretary Mark Serwotka, which is reproduced below:

?The fact that I had seen your letter on a political blog before actually receiving it suggests that it is an example of the disingenuous engagement with trade unions that has characterised your time in office. I will not, therefore, respond to your silly, rhetorical, self indulgent questions

?It is clear to me that the letter was motivated by a sense of frustration that, despite your best efforts, PCS will remain a strong, campaigning union long after you have left office.

PCS Francis Maude letter

Serwotka isn?t far wrong. As Scrapbook reported at the time, the main prong of the government?s union assault was defeated in the courts in 2013 ? landing the taxpayer with a £90,000 legal bill.

Returning to Maude?s vent of choice, Guido is fond of invoking the Cabinet Office minister?s likeness to Star Wars? Emperor Palpatine:

Francis Maude Emperor Palpatine

But we all know what happens in Return of the Jedi:

The Cabinet Office doesn?t have a Death Star reactor shaft ? so perhaps Serwotka can make do with the 4.9MW gas turbine of the Whitehall District Heating System.

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