Pets Round-up: A dog, a chinchilla & a rodent…

Posted on Jan 15, 2016

Liz Pets 1 Delilah keyboardAnother month has flown by, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I?ve finally been able to open my heart about losing our beloved Labrador last year, it?s taken 6 months but I can now finally remember her without blubbering.

They break your heart don?t they?  And when a pet becomes poorly the worry is immense. We hope that the cat at The Melton House gets well soon.

Maris World has been celebrating Baxter?s ?Gotcha Day? the anniversary of when they got him as a rescue from Battersea Dogs Home.  It?s a lovely read to hear how he?s fitted into their family.

Older Single Mum has a great solution if your circumstances mean you can?t have a dog full-time.  She simply borrows one!  And Buddy is now a regular guest in their home.

Dilly Drops has a useful post on how to keep your dog safe this winter.

You know the fashion for subscription boxes?  Well, you can now even get them for pets, so if your pampered prince or princess is in need of a monthly treat, check out Madhouse Family Reviews for the lowdown.

Eco-Gites writes about how dog-walking can keep you fit ? great for those of you with New Year aspirations to shed a few pounds or get healthier.  She also runs the weekly animal-focused Animal Tales linky so check that out if you want to read more animal inspired blogs.

OK, sorry for the canine bias, it?s not all about dogs I know.  Mummy Barrow has a really informative guide for anyone thinking of getting chinchillas ? I had no idea they cost that much!  

If you have an escapee rodent, Life At The Zoo has an ingenious hamster trap to safely return it to its cage!

And finally, Mummy Memories is debating whether to get a new pet (yes it is like having another baby!) but meanwhile shows off her stunning tropical fish and impressive tanks.

That?s all for this month, enjoy your house-dwelling animals, and if you have a post you?d like to be included next month do give me a shout on Twitter @missielizzieb.

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