Poetry & Prose Round-up: Here comes summer!

Posted on Jun 2, 2016

flowersIt?s June! Who?s ready for a bit of sunshine? I?m already going into summer mode here ? spending more time outdoors and going on walks with friends rather than chatting over tea and cake. Of course, tea and cake aren?t off the agenda entirely, (unthinkable!) But I do love a bit of fresh air ? it helps to get the creative juices flowing, I think. I have to say, you lot don?t seem to be struggling at all in the creativity department at the moment ? as usual, I?m surrounded by a whole heap of poetry and prose to share!

I?ll start with a wonderful, positive poem from our very own BritMums Editor, Nadine from JuggleMum ? it?s all about being who you are, and it really made me smile. I also loved Leigh from Headspace Perspective?s piece, ?Choose Life?, all about making positive decisions, and Victoria from VeViVos?s reflective poem about taking stock of everything good she has in her life ? which is a lot :) .

Another reflective piece I enjoyed was this short story from Whimsical Writer which has a lovely, soothing flow to it, as does this beautiful poem, ?Drifting?, by Becky at Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl. Laura at Raising Elves wrote a really expressive piece about ?riding the waves? of depression which ? despite the darkness ? has such positivity too, and Emma at MS Calling?s poem about how she?s really feeling has a beautiful honesty to it.

These weren?t the only creative works that had me thinking this month: And Then There Were Two shared a thought-provoking poem comparing weather to emotions, Rachael from Writing, People, Poetry wrote some flash fiction with a meaning worth unlocking (you?ll have to read it to get the pun there? ) and Sara from Mum Turned Mom shared a poem oozing with mystery! Then there was the beautiful poem ?Tonight We Ignite A Rainbow? about a real art installation in the Lake District from Kirstie at Poet in Motion; I loved it when I read it, and then the spoken spoken word version with accompanying video made me cry ? just stunning!

Creativity ? in childhood, this time ? also jumped out of this poem by Carol at Virtually All Sorts about her daughter?s arts and crafts desk while Antonia at 38 to 39 captured freedom and imagination perfectly in this prose piece set in a school. Catching The Magic?s beautiful poem about childhood had a similar feel while Lucy at The Parent Game shared a poem that her son had co-written ? the perfect example of childhood creativity! Although I haven?t shared much poetry on my blog this month (I took a little blog and social media break ? a whole week without Twitter or Facebook!), I did draw some cartoons exploring creativity in kids ? it?s something close to my heart.

If there?s one theme that recurs every month in the BritMums community then it?s love. Honestly, you lot are the living embodiment of the phrase ?Love is all around?! This month I read two wonderful poems about much-loved husbands from My Real Fairy and Words Rhymes and Rambles ? their warmth really made me smile. I also smiled (and cried a little bit? well it?s love and I?m a softy!) at The Brightness of These Day?s poem for her son. One Frazzled Mum had me gripped with a story about? well I?m not going to tell you because that would ruin it, while Lisa?s Life?s poem about a love that can never be everything it might be (cryptic!), was so poignant it made my heart ache. Oh, and DO make sure you listen to Cara from Oh We Do??s poem, ?The Love Between? ? that ending? who knew crochet could inspire such emotion?!

And if all that leaves you blubbing a bit then fear not ? the funnies were out in force in May too! I loved this poem by There We Go about the morning routine with kids (been there!) and Dawn at Rhyming with Wine?s poem perfectly (and hilariously) described the horror joy that is eating out with toddlers! I also enjoyed Autism Mama?s piece about crochet (I?m getting the feeling crochet is in at the moment ? should I be taking it up myself?) and Jo from Fifty-something Fruitcake?s wonderful limerick too, and Baby Anon?s view of her parents? first night out since her birth was familiar and so funny!

I can?t find a ?theme? to fit these final two poems into, but I really urge you to read A Green and Rosie Life?s beautiful ?From Sky to Earth? and Anna Ghislena?s poem about a camper van journey which takes the reader on a suitably bumpy ride!

Right, that?s it from me this month! Do remember my lovely co-editor Victoria?s linky ?Prose For Thought? is open every Thursday if you have original poetry or prose to share, and my linky ?What I?m Writing? is live every Tuesday for ponderings and wonderings for all you writerly types! Victoria will be doing the round-up next month ? remember to tweet her using the hashtag #BritMums Poetry if you?d like to feature!

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