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Posted on Apr 23, 2015

politicsWith the election just a couple of weeks off politics is on the agenda everywhere you look at the moment. Are you getting hot under the collar or just plain bored? Have any of the parties said what you want to hear or are you still unsure who to vote for or even if you will bother? Before I share what others have had to say this month a small plea from me to use your vote, there is plenty of information out there to help you decide which box to put your cross in. If you feel like you don?t know where to start, why not try Vote Match, a simple quiz to help you find the political party closest to your views.

Parenthood Highs and Lows writes why you should vote, and has an important reminder that the deadline to register to vote is the 20th of April. (You can register here if you haven?t already). While Crazy With Twins writes on why she has never voted. Cat from Yellow Days looks at why Mums should vote, focussing on the political topics that are so important to parents. Stressy Mummy would like to see Mary Berry as Prime Minister, and ponders if more people would vote if elections were more like reality TV. 

Would you fall out over politics? There has been many heated debates on social media on the subject, but would you go as far as blocking someone that you disagreed with? Or in real life can you be mates with someone with very different political views to yourself? Mummy Barrow and Rachel In Real Life both blogged on this very topic. Keynko gives us her appraisal of the leaders debate, summing up what a lot of us felt ? that the women came across as most reasonable!

The announcement by the Conservative Party of a plan to make children resit SATS created a lot of debate on social media amongst parents. I think I can safely summarise it as most of us want our children to do educationally as well as they are able, but not at the cost of their happiness. Nor should they be made to feel like failures at such a young age, and that blanket decisions like this take little account of individual circumstances. Both Pinkoddy and Disappointed Idealist both wrote eloquently on the topic.

Housing is another big topic this election, with all major parties offering different approaches. It is a topic close to my heart after recent struggles with finding accomodation, and posts like this one (and it?s follow up) from The Adequate Parent sum up well why a shake up of the private rental sector is much needed by families up and down the country.

And finally congratulations to Queen Boudica, or should I say Councillor Boudica, who was amazed to find herself elected without it going to vote when nobody else stood in her ward. I know she is looking forward to getting on with the business of improving things in her local area, and I wish her all the best in her new role.

That is it for this month ? see you when the dust settles, and I hope wherever your allegiances lie you will be using your vote on May the 7th.

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